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    • Elizabeth Reagan

      My husband took his wedding ring off when he was trying to convince his one night stand fling that he was divorcing me…that was almost a couple of years ago. Things are slowly turning around but it’s been a brutal emotional rollercoaster. Even...More

      • Cora Jade

        And on the way to the ER we were rear ended by a probably substance abuse impaired man who would not show his license, registration or insurance. He insisted there was no damage but claimed his car inexplicably sped up as he changed lanes. Minor...More

        • News Update

          The Solar Eclipse 2024 at Mazatlan Mexico is going fine. Post some pics soon

          • Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )

            Just a reminder that your kids deserve sober parents…no matter their age. Some things are just exhausting. I can break all of the patterns that I endured and witnessed as a child amongst close family members, but I can’t heal my own broken heart. So...More

            • James Hetfield

              Spread the word quickly! They just said the total solar eclipse tomorrow has been cancelled so everybody can just go back home now and save money!!

              • Amber Vanlerberghe

                I just made gluten free subs. So freaking good! Next time I will add lettuce, onion, tomatoes and peppers. Wrap them up, cut them and dip in cucumber ranch salad dressing. So good!!

                • Sophie Turner

                  It's scapegoat, not escape goat. It's not an animal you ride away on, it's something you use to take the blame when you do all the stupid crap that you do. Probably.

                  • Amber Blanks

                    I’m so thankful for my job, I frequently talk to people that I would probably not be in contact with otherwise. You never know what other people are struggling with, life is messy at best for all of us. Take a few minutes and pray for those all...More

                    • Saweetie

                      The good stuff got to be eaten faster because it usually goes bad without refrigeration. Only the artificial foods last longer and they are poison to your body and it might cause cancer. I try to eat only natural products because of that.

                      • Olivia Jones

                        I have a sister that only cares about herself, she thinks that everybody should love her and always give her free stuff. I love her but, I wish she changes a little more to human with feeling. Sorry, this is kind like a complaining up here.

                        • Bobby Shmurda

                          I just took my sister to the emergency room because she has a horrible tooth pain and a swollen throat and I was very afraid to lose her because that's critical dangerous symptoms. Please pray for her, Please.

                          • Asiri Ocean

                            I don't know if you are aware but, I just read the news post about hurricanes this year and it looks very disconcerting so far. See Weather news

                            • Brandy Norwood

                              Home made Yogurt made of Goat milk. Remember, Goat's milk yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein and it has a delicious taste. It is proven that the yogurt from Goat's milk helps the immune system and digestion in humans.

                              • Gladys Knight

                                Nomma, we had DARE today at school.
                                Me: Oh yeah, so how was it?
                                Cari: We learned that you have to always eat something before you drink. Well, glad to see she’s listening to the important stuff lol xp

                                • Breanna Faulkner

                                  I shared the lows and now I’ll share the highs…a full day of checking my sugar and they have all been well below what my limit is. I am PROUD because this is NOT easy! This is just from changing my diet thankfully!! I started my Blood Pressure tabs...More

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