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Need tips for decreasing electric bill please?

Need tips for decreasing electric bill please?
I am a stay at home Mom so we are home mostly throughout the day. I do cut the hot water heater off when not in use. I also unplug computers, phone chargers & the tv’s when not in use. We just got our electric bill…$400!! Granted it’s hot here in NC but we keep the thermostat between 72-73. We can’t afford a $400 electric bill!

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How to lower your electrical bill amount every month.


Answers (38)

    • Julia Garner

      My sister lives in an old house in Florida. She keeps the A/C unit on 78-79 and she keeps the home curtains closed (windows not efficient at all ). Her monthly bill is $125 in the summer. Keeping your thermostat in the lower 70’s is your culprit.

      • Jade Tailor

        I also have a large pool running. If you set your thermostat low your body starts to crave that freezer temperature.

      • Raise the thermostat to at least 75 degrees and stop turning off the hot water heater. It takes a lot more energy to reheat a tank of water than to maintain it at temperature. If you are worried about HW expense, lower that thermostat a notch.

        • Kalini Miller

          Me too in Florida.. similar electric bill. House is shaded, though. Have barn and occupied camper..and auto waterers for the horses.

          • Joanna Barnes

            So. Hang your electric bill on your fridge. Tell your family, whatever we can save on this bill, we will do something special with the money. Even if it’s go to have ice cream and go to the park. Kids don’t know how much ice cream is. It’s about making them understand their electric use. If they are older, tell them you’ll split the money with them evenly. I had 4 kids. The first month I did that, we saved $100. So we each got $20. That’s a lot of money. And it teaches them to be wise with their money. Why waste money on electric, when you could have $20 in your pocket?

            • Demi Hale

              1500 SQ house. Bill is 195 a month now. I think turning your water heater off and on is making it work more and harder and making you use more electricity that way.

              • Gracie Fields

                Turn your A/C up. We live in Tucson, AZ and keep ours at 77.
                At my home, we have a 4000 square foot house and in summer, our bill is $345-$400. DO NOT Close the vents in unused rooms. Modem ac units work harder with some vents closed. My husband is an ac guy. He said that is one of the WORST things you can do.

                • Jenny Slate

                  Agreed. We don't have those huge electric bills in the summer because we don't have to have AC to survive on most days, but we do have to pay a lot for heat in winter. It was a bit of a battle back when my kids were home, and I wish I had thought of your tactic. But now they do get it for sure, living on their own with their own energy bills

                  • Frank Scott

                    Reheating water in your water heater is extremely expensive. Contact your electric company and ask them, they'll suggest what temperature to keep it at and whether or not to lower it, but don't turn it off.

                  • I think your thermostat should be around 76 or so. And use a ceiling fan to recirculate the cool air. Hang clothes to dry outside. Close all drapes (hubby hates this one). Also go ahead and investigate if your area has time of use discounts, where I live for instance after 9 pm is discounted so I run washer, dryer, dishwasher etc after 9.

                  • Turn that thermostat up. Mine is set on 78 to 80 and in my home, my girlfriend and I are very comfortable. A little cooler at night to sleep better. Take it up a degree at a time to get used to it. Biggest single thing you can do. And the blackout curtains drawn shut during the day.

                    • Tarah Gieger

                      Unplugging your heater costs you more in the long run because it has to heat the water back up. Keep track of the lights on in the house, and how much the little go in and out.

                      • Lydia Hubbell

                        Turn up your a/c that is going to be your big electrical usage, turning off your hot water heater is going to cause it to work harder. Set house at 78 and use ceiling fans. Also, ask neighbors what their bills run. Have yours always been that high? Could someone be stealing your electric? I have a 2900 sq ft house and my bill is $250-ish / month. I'm in Ohio if that matters.

                        • Camel Case

                          It would cost a fortune to reheat your hot water all the time like that. Better off turning power points off, unplugging things that aren’t in use, air dry your clothes on a clothesline rather than using a dryer, and divide your bills up into weekly or fortnightly payments to make them more affordable than one big bill at a time.

                        • I'm in Florida and have a camper used as a home, my own 3 bedroom house, and a 6 stall barn, automatic waterers,. My A/C bill is under $200 . I run a/c 24 hrs / day at 77 degrees.. I painted exterior white, and planted shade trees everywhere. My house is shaded at almost all day.

                          • Joel Louis

                            Doing that to your hot water heater costs more than leaving it alone.
                            I keep our AC closer to 76.

                            • Anna Boswell

                              We did the same with the hot water but I was told it uses more when you turn it on to heat it all up ! Our next one will be the on demand one.

                              • Kalini Miller

                                Where I live our utility bill is all in one other than gas bill that’s different company. So they bill for the electric, water, sewage and trash pick up. The sewage is the worst part it’s 3x of water use. Like if you used 50$ of water they add 150$ for sewage. Trash is only like 20$ a month so not bad. Biggest part of the bill is always sewage. How do they do billing where y’all live?

                              • That’s the way it was at our old house it was $300 a month. Our place before that was $150 electric and $30 water/sewer so this was a huge jump for us.

                              • Sewage prices are ridiculous here it’s always more than the rest combined.
                                I say that if you have a dishwasher don’t use it. Wash some cloths in tub.

                              • Just for you to know that dishwashers use less water than hand washing all your dishes. So while you might save a little on electricity you’ll spend more on water.

                              • That’s what they tell us but I don’t believe it. Put in a bowl of water and was a bunch. They quick rinse.
                                I think it is OK, but unless you’re doing it restaurant style with a rinse basin, wash basin and sterilization basin I don’t think your dishes are getting clean enough. Especially not as clean as in a dishwasher.

                                • Jim Gutoski

                                  Stop turning off the hot water Heater. It takes more energy to heat the water from cold to hot than it does to maintain it at a set temp. Get a blanket for it made of insulation (for that particular model) and it will help retain the heat.

                                  • Adrian Oporta

                                     I don’t think I need to sterilize my dishes at my house. Just no smears of left overs is fine for me. We never had one growing up and we lived

                                    • Annie Drake

                                      Sometimes cutting things off n on can cost you more money. Your hot water heater is having to work harder every time you cut it off and on. It will also cost over $500 to replace if you tear it up. You might wanna just check for leaks and just leave it alone.

                                      • Lisa Dutch

                                        I keep mine on 79 daytime and 77 night, I have ceiling fans in every room and use them, y house is always cool, Keep bedroom doors closed and close toilet lids. I'm in Texas for a while and then going to Florida too, the same settings.

                                      • I say, the same settings for us in Gainesville FL. It blows my mind when people have it set in low 70s. Of course there will be a high bill...
                                        Yeah, I run my ac at 78 and my heat at 68.

                                        • Tabitha Scott

                                          If you unplug the water heater you will need to reheat the water later and you will waste electricity cook outside in the grill

                                        • Keep your microwave, toaster, can opener, and other small items unplugged when not in use. Use LED bulbs. Water saver shower-heads decrease the amount of water being used, which decreases water to heat. Don't use the heated dry in your dishwasher. Use cold water to wash when possible. Air dry ur hair when possible instead of using ur blow dryer. And cut back on how often u use hair straighteners/curlers. Black out curtains. If u run your oven for a meal, bake other items at that time, like desserts. And make sure u run area ceiling fans to help cool the rooms while oven runs. If during cold weather, open oven door after oven is shut off so warm air helps heat the kitchen. Electric stove burners use a lot of electricity. Using an electric skillet is cheaper. U can also use propane burners. Crock Pot? Cut back on the number of hours u use ur lights,TV, computers, and other devices. Unplug lamps when not on. Baths, evening relaxation, and other times when possible use candlelight, and turn lights off. U could also use battery powered lamps. Have the most energy efficient appliances possible, and HVAC too. Have your refrigerator, freezer, and deep freeze if u have one, full. If needed, use bottles of water to fill space. Have best windows, doors, and insulation possible. Caulk, and seal. If there r rooms u don't use very much, keep the door closed and close the HVAC vents. And as someone already suggested, have your utility company come do an assessment.

                                          • Jenny Slate

                                            I'm visiting VA and I'm keeping the settings for this a/c on 75. Once school starts, I'll be increasing it to 78 during the day.

                                            • Heidi Berger

                                              Plug small kitchen appliances like coffee maker, toaster, etc. into a power strip. Turn the power strip off after use. Same with TV in bedrooms.. Switch to LED bulbs. Do not turn lights on during the day. Do laundry at "off peak" hours. Don't use your oven during summer- we use an air fryer/oven combo instead. Keep your freezer full, they run more efficient.. Install ceiling fans to push hot air down in winter, draw upward in summer. Do not keep changing water heater, furnace/AC settings- it takes more energy to re-heat or re-cool. Keep thermostat settings at one even, liveable temp. Unplug laptops, PCs, tablets, etc. Use thermal/blackout curtains or get window UV film to keep the mid-day sun from adding heat to the house. Living in NC, it might be worthwhile to look into getting solar panels to provide some of your power.

                                              • Ida Wright

                                                Set your water heater to the warmest setting. Wash dishes in hottest. Rooms you do not use close the vents. We put the foil insulation over the other in out attic a few years ago it cut our bill 1/3. Cook in a crock pot or toaster oven on the back porch. Grills are also good. Ceiling fans on all time. If you have kids running in and out that is a big problem. Every time the door is open it heats up the house.. open freezer and takeout your entire days food out do not open again. If several are getting water out of the refrigerator during the day put a thermos on the counter for their drinks. Our thermostat is on 77 or 78 all time with ceiling fans. Tv is on all day and I pads are on all day. We have 2 meters since the storage bldg is too far for the correct amps. Our bill never goes over $150.

                                                • Gracie Fields

                                                  Could cook on an outside grill instead of heating up the kitchen.
                                                  If you plug those items into a power strip and turn the power strip off, dies it have the same effect as unplugging the appliance?
                                                  The electricity will still be going into the power strip.
                                                  Ah turning it off just prevents the power from continuing to the appliance.
                                                  Yes. That's why people should unplug their phone charger cuz electricity will keep going if they only unplug their phone from the charger. They are taking the time to unplug their phone, they should unplug it all.

                                                  • Joanna Barnes

                                                    My electrician told me some tips on how to save energy and pay lower monthly electrical bills, then.. I switched to all energy efficient light bulbs and cut my bill in half. I also use 1 light per room IF possible, except the kitchen, there I still keeping the older electrical installation system with no efficient light bulbs.
                                                    The Non Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
                                                    You tell me.

                                                    • Demi Hale

                                                      Most places there is only one provider. Very uncommon to have more than one.
                                                      Residential home, Rv, apartment? Check google in your state and town for electrical providers. Nowadays there are several.
                                                      Ohio, Florida, New York have multiple choices.
                                                      See if your electric provider will do a free energy audit. There are lots of ideas when they do and they may provide some items for free. I'm in Montana and got a water heater cover, outlet insulators, etc. Use florescent and LED lights. Line dry or use racks for clothes.

                                                      • Marie Crawford

                                                        Just be careful because prolonged use of so much fragrance is bad for your lungs and ups risk of contact dermatitis.
                                                        That is crazy maybe try switching to a laundry detergent that works better or if they still smell add vinegar to your rinse cycle? They are supposed to smell clean so litter to no smell not like they just came out of being sprayed with perfume.

                                                        • LaResha Clark

                                                          Make a hotbox ...bring your food to the boil, place into the hotbox and time it till it's cooked, i save so much by doing this.
                                                          I can go into detail with this for you,  a hotbox exactly is generally made of fabric stuffed with polystyrene balls..I save 30 minutes of gas every dinnertime by using this, wait  and wait.
                                                          Sort of diamond shaped x6 for the bottom part..smaller for the top...I'm sure you could google a pattern.

                                                          • Joanne Zachgo

                                                            Unplugging those things is a waste of time. The things that cost money are things that heat and things that cool. If you have LED lights, that can help. But really turn down your water heater, make sure your fridge has a good seal, and minimally run your AC. Use fans.

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