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Jim Gutoski


Sociable, educated, intelligent, worldly, humorous, extroverted and confident

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    • Jim Gutoski

      Today would have been my mother's 68th Birthday, so I am cooking bone in pork steaks floured and fried in lard in her memory. I can almost...More

      • Jim Gutoski

        In early 2000 my little boy used to wake up in the night and having nightmares. He'd wake up crying and sweating and saying that he was...More

        • Jim Gutoski

          Sometimes I let my son watch videos while my phone is charging. Today at one point he unplugged it. Little did I know it had messed up and...More

          • Jim Gutoski

            Self accountability goes a long way. The moment you stop blaming everything and everyone else for what’s going on with you is when change...More

            • Jim Gutoski

              I think that 15,000 soldiers from the National Guard is not enough, to take control of the big crowd of people is needed at least 80,000...More

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