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I Got My Nails Done For Christmas !

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I Got My Nails Done For Christmas !

I Got My Nails Done For Christmas And No They Are Not Too Long This Time ! I got my sparkly red nails for Christmas and am excited now for the Holidays, no more feeling blue !!

    • Joanne Zachgo

      Very adorable nails job. The color goes with next Christmas for sure.

      • Ava Michelle

        I love the style and color of your nails, I want to pay for mine to be exactly as yours.

        • Book

          They should be black like your dark soul. You are a nasty slimy snake that cannot be trusted with anybody’s husband. You take what you want when you please. You have your name on those degrees yes, but you are a family wrecker and the definition of NK is "the destroyer of all". This is set in concrete

          • Sassy

            Have a lovely Christmas and New Years, clearly the person above post has some issues of theirs to work on. Your nails are very pretty. Whose husband is she worried about, her own ? -like get a life seriously. Most try to live in the present, that’s the best we can do. ❤️❤️❤️

            • Elizabeth Bland

              I wish I had my nails like you, they are so perfect to me. I might be looking for a beautician to make my nails like yours soon.

              • Grainger Long

                Your nails reminds me my ex-lover girl years ago at South Florida. She always had her nails done every three months and paid a lot of money. They are very pretty.

                • Christine Elizar

                  I might hire the beauty salon beautician services and probable they will charge me a $100,00 for nails job like that. Then paying tips also is another $20.

                  • Darcy Faye

                    I'm in love with your nails, I want mine to look just like yours.

                    • Christine Bansie

                      Got  a have a good job to pay for nails like those. Sure,  I love their shape and colors and I would like to make mine like yours.

                      • Annie Drake

                        I want to have my nails be done like yours, I love it because they look so perfect with the best nail colors.

                        • Fetty

                          I need to get my nails done for easter and was going to go pastel but now I am considering this color shade, love it!

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