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I Guess I AM A Liar

    Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )
    i guess i am a liar, i am a liar, liar, shame, starbucks, starbucks coffee, starbucks pink drink, parking lot, pumpkin spice latte, dating, taurus, wrong, wrong example, single woman, puddinboy, nichol kessinger, nikki kessinger
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    I Guess I AM A Liar

    I am a Liar since I lie often to my myself, what a shame! For example. Starbucks ... I swore to myself of no more Starbucks coffee or pink drinks for the rest of 2021 but here I am in their parking lot with ANOTHER Pumpkin Spice Latte! I also said I would NEVER even consider dating another Taurus but (and don't get me wrong ), I am still a single woman for life but I did get kinda cozy lately with my PuddinBoyy. 

      • Jennifer Bower

        Starbucks coffee from the high mountains of Costa Rica has millions of people worldwide engaged drinking it, and it could be because the kind of quality coffee they sell. They call it selected seeds carefully grounded and cooked to the point of meeting the standards of a new demanding generation of consumers at their stores. I can't go by without one of their coffee cups when i see their signs from the highway too.

        • Tracy Lemmers

          No, You aren't a liar because something like that, if that's the case, then we all will be liars too because many times we say something about some foods and drinks and the we do the opposite by eating fast foods and stuff that aren't that much healthy. I guess that's the problem we have with food, that we can't help.

          • Julia Garner

            Nah, you weren't lying girl, you were just kidding yourself hehe!

            • Joseph Nadberazny

              There is always going to some source of temptation when it comes to delicious food and drinks like Starbucks coffees. Enjoy it.

              • Mariah Nelson

                I could use one of these right about now, I am drained!

                • Kristy Hille

                  Refreshing frozen coffee, super delicious drink. I take it and never feel bad for having it.

                  • Tarah Gieger

                    This being " out of season BS " is for the birds, I have been making my own at home!!

                    • Zach Anderson

                      Your nails are amazing!

                      • Bertha Volaris

                        I share that taste with you.

                        • Rose Edmunds

                          You really have a good taste!

                          • Evelio Velazco

                            The cost price of those drinks is sky high right now.
                            However, that doesn't mean that the quality doesn't equal the value. 
                            I love a Starbucks coffee cold and full of flavor when it's hot outside.

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