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Why Are People So Cruel and Unkind ?

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Why Are People So Cruel and Unkind ?

Why are people so mean to me ? What is this world coming to? I have always been an extra sensitive person anyway but finding my mailbox like THIS today when I was expecting several important pieces of mail and a package, like WTF MAN?! I blurred out the bad words because this social platform would not approve...but try me, this destruction was intentional - not like some tipsy old guy accidentally crashed into my mailbox and pulled out my plants while he was at it. I AM SCARED. I cannot help it, people's violent intentions SCARE me. :/ Why are people so stupid and so judgemental of stuff they know NOTHING about?! Not only am I scared but I am angry ...enough is enough of this toxic and rude behavior! 

    • Rosemarie Roa

      Oh my gosh, how mean!!!! So sorry Girl, people sure can be disgusting at times.

      • Jena S. Hall

        Nahh, don't be afraid Sweetie, many folks are just imbeciles nowadays.

        • Sassy

          I’m new to this app, from Australia ,so hi from down under ,was looking for Books to like and somehow found this site. Key thing is - ‘Don’t let the bastards get you down.’ It’s a good thing to be sensitive makes you more in tune with life, keep strong within yourself- stay strong -it’s a cliche but believe in yourself. This is the work of a coward, stay centred don’t let them win!

          • Annie Drake

            Story of my life, we got this though just gotta hang in there tough as nails

            • Elisabelle Houston

              Some people out there really love you.

              • Vanessa Essa

                Just ignore it and call some one to fix it, it was done by some kids, probable.

                • Hailee Ridgway

                  I can't understand why people are so bored that they take it against other people's property. They should break their own stuff.

                  • Betty White

                    Exact same thing happened to my mail box a few years ago, and when we checked the cameras, we seen a drunk guy falling on top the mail box. That joke cost me almost $50.00 Dollars to fix it.

                    • Joanne Zachgo

                      It is clear that some people enjoy scaring others, You shouldn't worry because that can happen to anybody in America, and it doesn't mean that they will come back, it is just one time usually. It happened to me in 2012 once.

                      • Christopher Williams

                        Some times some bad business people send kids to break mail boxes, so they can sell their service in your area.

                        • Elizabeth Bland

                           Probable it is better to pay someone to install the mailbox on the house entrance wall, right outside your home. See the picture please.
                          Install A Mailbox On The House Entrance Wall

                          • Carrie Genthner

                            That's what people do when they got nothing to do during their spare time. They should go the church and pray their mailbox is still standing.

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