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Can You Help Me Please ?? Time Sensitive

I need some urgent advice please if possible and asap before I lose it:
My manager consistently (multiple times a day) calls me on the phone to ask me to do jobs, or calls me down to her office "Nikki can you just pop down real quick, Hon". I ask her to send me tasks in email so it doesn't disrupt my workload and I ask her to tell me what I'm being summoned for as it 1. Makes me anxious and 2. Disrupts my workflow and 3. I should be given autonomy to prioritise my own workload. And she just says there are a couple of things I want to discuss' which doesn't ease any of the above.
Does anybody please have any specific links to articles, research or examples for why this is not reasonable or manageable? Or like, what good management styles or working styles are? her style is driving me insane and making me way too anxious! Thank you in advance!!

    • Julia Fleet

      Maybe you need to manage up a bit and help her to figure out why she needs you then and there? Or trial some kind of app / software that allows her to develop a to do list for you, something like Microsoft planner, trello.... depends what you usually use. And book out in your calendars twice a day a time to catch up regarding the tasks. I dont really know if sending her something about management styles would work because it's about her inability to listen to what you need and respond. I manage. I adapt and accommodate. I want people to work to their strengths. Its not about management, its about being human

      • Adrian Oporta

        1) Set a meeting to talk. In that meeting tell her you love your job, but you really “need her help” finding a way to work that is better for YOU so that you can get the WORK done. Reminder to keep your tone as asking, not demanding - she can manage however she wants, and will only accommodate you if she wants to (or if you have HR accommodations on file). Also keep in mind that she probably isnt trying to be mean, she just probably works best that way and mat not have a lot of experience adjusting her work style to that of each of her employees (the mark of a great manager). Make a plan (described in step two below). Thank her for helping you find a better way to work better (act like it was her idea if you can). 2) Ask for recurring meetings that are pre-scheduled. Maybe you need two per day to start, and then from there you can get down to one per day or one per week pending her needs. Also have a plan for time sensitive things that come up between meetings (like you suggest in this post, email or maybe even IM as it will make her feel like you saw it instantly even if you hold on the work until later that day).

        • Kevin Rogerson

          Go over her head and quite innocently ask her boss how much time you should schedule into your work day to handle these pop-up conversations, because you're having a hard time finishing your workload and having to work that in also. Just asking to be clear on what your job priorities are... handling her, or doing your full workload (just trying to be clear, consise, and responsible.

          • Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )

            Thank you so so much for all your advice and for making me feel like I'm not being absolutely ridiculous. I had an awful day at work but I really am incredibly grateful for your help/recommendations. ready for the weekend off! Lol

            • Elizabeth Stallings

              Hire a lawyer to fight for your rights.

              • Breastmilk Jewellery

                Are you able to set half an hour of your day aside on your calendar for " quick catch ups" ?, tell your boss that in order to efficiently be able to do the job that is required of you, you have made an allocated time in each day to address "quick chats" ?

                • Stephane Palomba

                  She is not reasonnable. The first thing i feel is that your boss seems not to trust you and it looks like a way to micromanage you. So you may work the trust factor. Telling her straight what you feel might not have the effect you would hope but if you believe it is unbearable then choose carefully time and location for this coming out. I am french, not working in US and my culture is totally different so i don't know whether it is appropriate but sometimes biggest problems are solved around a good meal

                Answers (13)

                  • Anna Magnotta

                    I also think that having an honest conversation with your boss and explaining at her what it makes you uncomfortable for doing your work duties, it might have a happy end. Hope you fix it.

                    • Yolanda Ulin

                      Talking is the only way to fix that issue with your boss. Try to establish a clear conversation to aboard that matter. Good luck.

                    • I, personally will start finding a new job, perhaps with a major corporation so I can get insurance and 401K included. Again, you don't have to follow my advise, but it is still an option over the table.

                      • Jessica Dave

                        It is so hard to give you my opinion about what you should do with your job duties.

                        • Linda Kutzer

                          I will stay in that job only if I was making 6 figures salary. Trust me, I demand a good treat as a hardworking person that I'm.

                        • Quit if she doesn't change the way she is conducting her business and involving you as an employee.

                        • Sometimes people go through ups difficult moments and then everything gets adjusted overtime, maybe you should wait before taking a dramatic action and quitting your job. She might change soon, who knows?.

                          • Jenny Slate

                            Sometimes it could be hard to find a better job, it all depends of your career and experience to qualify for it. I personally will stay and wait to see if something changes with your boss.

                            • Vikki Frank

                              Ask for vacations and take a break away from troubles.

                              • Kristy Hille

                                How can some people be so aggravating to others? You desert to be working without stress and getting a good salary every month.

                              • I think she should go to a doctor to check her health, something is broken and she is giving you hard-time, that's not normal because you have the right of not feeling anxious and disrupted by her way of thinking on how to do your job.

                              • How can you put up with that type of boss, there are hundreds of jobs available these days and some, you never get to see your boss, just working online and from home.
                                You should be leaving your job because of your bad boss, that is a great excuse to find another more fit-able to your needs.

                              • You are kidding me, no body can work in those conditions. Get another job, free yourself from stress, this is America and it is a Free country.

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