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What The Florist Would Have Charged For Flowers A Get Well Gift?

What the florist would have charged  for flowers a get well gift?

I just wanted to toot my frugal horn for a moment... I was told yesterday that a friend had to go into the hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery and my mind instantly went to... she needs a get well gift now!  Most people would just call their local florist or 1-800 Flowers and have a bouquet of flowers sent to them at the hospital... nope not me! I went to my local Goodwill and got a nice vase for $2.99 and a cute stuffed squishy moose $2.99 99 cent chocolate. 2 $6.99 bouquets from Trader Joe's, one word search book and a cute pen from the Dollar Tree oh and a 50 cent card Total cost $23.50....what the florist would have charged?....$75-$100, 10 minutes after dropping it off at the front desk I got a call from my friend from her hospital room crying she's so happy that someone cared enough to send her a gift.
Florist Flowers Bouquet
Free delivery???

Answers (22)

    • Julie Elias

      That is so much more thoughtful to put the gift together yourself. 
      This is one of the reasons for being frugal. 
      That is an awesome gesture. 
      Hope your friend recovers soon.

    • Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift.
      It's so easy to be a generous blessing with just a little thought and what not.
      Bless you.

    • You are a very caring and good friend. You took the time to go to all the places to find bargains and put a lot of thought into the gift. You brought joy to your friend in the hospital. Blessings to you and your friend.❤️

      • Lisa Woolard

        Such a thoughtful gift . U r a good and supportive friend.
        A very Great & Loving Gift ! You put yourself into that Gift !
        Beautiful and the moose is adorable.

        • Clinton Crisp

          I save jars ( spaghetti sauce etc. ) clean them an use them. They take a smaller arrangement of flowers and it looks so cute!

          • Ava Goldberg

            That was so kind! And every time she uses that vase in the future she will think of you and that you spent time time to do this for her. Anyone could just call a florist, but you made her feel special! Great job!
            I personal think that gifts from the heart are much nicer. That is so pretty. Speedy recovery for your friend.

            • Grainger Long

              Reminds me of the time a neighbor's husband was out of work and they were struggling. His mother was an avid gardener with an incredible green thumb. For her birthday he showed up at our office with blooms from birds of paradise, roses of all colors, and other assorted blossoms arranged in a glass gallon pickle jar. It was the loveliest arrangement ever❤️

            • Thank you very much! If ever a friend of yours is in need, I'm sure they will appreciate it just as much as mine did.
              What an amazing gift! And it’s truly the thought behind it all that counts.
               You went above and beyond for your friend. And did very well on a budget too! Well done!

              • Ethan Currier

                That is a very lovely story! One that they will cherish forever!. You are the best model of caring and thoughtfulness!!!
                I'm going to remember this for the next time a friend of mine is in need! BEAUTIFUL!! 
                That's what friends are for!! 

                • Letha Cherry

                  This is not about how much you save,is a kindness that show you are care of your friend and willingness to spent that time to do something to cheer her up.
                  Is really awesome.
                  I hope to have a good friend like you.

                  • Luis Alonso

                    You are an awesome and creative friend. Wishing her a speedy recovery!
                    So thoughtful and caring. You have a kind heart and I’m sure this gift was more meaningful to your friend.

                    • Abdul Alnajar

                      I’d rather get that gift of thoughtfulness from a friend any day, it’s beautiful.

                      • Warner Little

                        Very nice, but since my parents are florists with a small business that struggles to stay open because of places like grocery stores, I do hope that people seek out and support small businesses like theirs.

                        • Keyonce Lanae

                          How thoughtful and so smart of you in many ways. You are indeed a good friend to her.
                          This is beautiful. It’s not trite at all to say it’s the thought that counts. This is a perfect example. Well done.

                          • Jake Frost

                            Very thoughtful and creative. Can’t hide your loving, caring heart! and also could say ... Super cute moose! Along with everything else it’s so thoughtful!

                          • This is the kindest and sweetest gesture I’ve read about or experienced, in a long long time!
                            Hugs to you!

                          • Those flowers are beautiful
                            What an awesome idea, Toot toot away lady.

                          • Beautiful handmade gift & so Thoughtful! Hope she heals well & soon!
                            You are a beautiful and artful soul! Many blessings

                            • Leslie Parker

                              Great job, you friend is lucky to have you.
                              Love this! I do the same. Aldis has cheap and beautiful flowers and half a block away is dollar tree where you can pimp out your flowers.

                              • Ashley Stires

                                My neighborhood grocery stores have nice floral and live plants also...if you can deliver them yourself, it's a much cheaper alternative and still appreciated

                                • Ellen Honda

                                  I do the same thing. I save jars and turn them into beautiful vases with a little spray paint. Everyone loves them.

                                • Yes! Great way totally repurpose! And they are so unique.. people think I pay a lot of money.

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