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My Grandbaby Was Ripped From My Loving Arms

My only grandbaby was ripped from my loving arms recently and I am completely heartbroken. My heart is shattered in millions of unrepeatable pieces. I, and my self alone, has raised Deanna for the last 5 years while Julie and Clinton ran off did whatever they wanted to do except be good parents! I never called DCF on either of them, but Deanna's Pediatrician did when I got a message from her "mom" saying that a rash on Deanna was probably staph bacteria because she has it too. Then DCF came in and put a safety plan in place on the week before last that Julie could not take Deanna out of my home but had visitation. Julie and her friend Bridgett came to my house with officers and acted immature and foolish. I told the officer she could have came in and see Deanna but since she was acting a fool, she was advised to leave or go to jail! DCF gave her all the days she needed to have a clean test, and so she voluntarily went in their office on Wednesday. All the while Clinton had told her what was going on because we were going to file for guardianship and DCF advised us to tell him and ask him to sign the papers, of course he said no and then told Julie and Bridgett everything! Then he calls DCF and tells them he would rather Deanna be in Jonesboro with all of them instead of with me, her only grandmother who has shown her Grand-daughter love and care. So, on Thursday, when I went in to renew paperwork, DCF advised me they were giving Deanna back to Julie because she passed all of the tests with flying colors (because she was warned in advance by Clinton). The moral of this is I am officially tired of all the Julie bandwagon ditching me like I did something wrong when I did not! I raised my grand daughter and still would be had this not happened! I never stole $3000.00 income taxes like Julie is saying on her social media, she let me claim Deanna because I supported her financially these last five years, and Julie has not worked since August of 2015. She wasted about $2000.00 of that, and then I put the rest in a savings account for Deanna that she can not touch it will ever get her hands on! You tell me for 5 years running never having your child leave her for weeks at a time and never even calling to see if she was okay is being a good mother?! And Clinton has never been here period. Neither of them supporting her is being good parents. So, I did file guardianship papers. Not that it matters now. The only reason now all of sudden they both want to act like parents is cause DCF was called on them. And it's pretty low to keep Deanna away from me, and me from her! The image of that baby girl holding onto the door frame and screaming and pulling away from Julie to try and get back to me when she realized she HAD to go with her will haunt me forever and ever, that in itself was enough "punishment " for me for being the maternal grandmother I am supposed to be! So all of you that want to believe anything that comes out of her mouth go ahead! She would come get Deanna for 12 hours tops just to hurt me and get my money! She had never bought a bag of diapers or pull-ups in Deanna's whole baby and young toddler life. I was the bigger person for my granddaughter's sake and gave her diapers, clothes, shoes, toys, bedding, and baby wipes that I bought which I did not have to ever. YES, I bought all of those things, never her parents in these whole 5 years! All I will say is this: I know they are still being bad, and Deanna won't get proper care because they like to sleep all day and stay up all night! Deanna will be on her own. I will continue to love my grand daughter with all of my being, and none of you can change this! I have all the memories of all her first things she done not you 2 imbeciles and she will never forget ME! Instead of keeping her away from me and her only real home where I supplied her food, baby clothes, shoes, toys, and bedding and you hurting me and her, how about you 2 freaks get REHAB and just safely bring her back where she is safe and taken care of properly and ! All I wanted was something in place to where I could take her to get medical treatment and you would not even do that! I would of never kept her from any of you except for Bridgett because she Is never welcome to my home again! Feel free to tell them anything I said because it is all the 100% truth and I am tired of being made out to be the bad one!

    • Jim Gutoski

      I'm so sorry about your situation. I can see your suffering for your grand baby. I was wondering if there is a way that you can connect with your relatives and you all share the joy of your children and grandchildren. That way everyone is happy seeing the kids grow up in a healthy environment. After al life continues and it is so short that it is better sharing it with others in peace.

      • Tara Bannon

        Your story really puts people to think. It is a really sad thing.

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