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Christopher Martin


I'm full of joy to be able of sharing knowledge with everyone online from my profile in Book Of Likes, Thank You all. I'm meaningful living my own simple life quotes every day.
From my low profile man's life, I could say a few words for you to learn from my experiences at the hospital where I work.
First it is important to share that i went to study for my degree in medicine and surgery professional at Humboldt University.
I spend most of my time solving others health issues at the clinics and hospitals where I work right now.
I love to read and watch TV while eating delicious foods to make, that makes me happy for sure.


Between my preferred sports that I like the main one is Horse riding and competing. Then, some practice and some just watch are:
Soccer / Association Football, Cricket, Tennis, Softball, Basketball and some others too.


Doctor Sleep, Project Power, Work It, Scooby-Doo!, The Kissing Booth 2, 365 Days, Wonder, The Old Guard.

Insurance CompanyState Farm Home Insurance, Geico car and Geico's Insurance Policies
Date Today
Preferred Color #CC6724
List of Hobbies

Fishing outdoors is the top of my hobbies, then some others could be playing Bingo with friends and family, watching TV series Netflix TV shows and series, cleaning the yard, painting nice pictures with expensive paints like Oleo, art Aquarella painting etc.

ProfessionDoctor surgeon, Painter, Writer, Business Man

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