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Disappointment Room Real Life

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Disappointment Room Real Life

Disappointment Room Real Life

We moved into our house almost 3 years ago and we had our baby boy last year, March 12, 2016. At first just small, strange things were happening in our home. For example, I would be on the bed and it felt like our cat Smokey was jumping on the bed and walking, however when I would look she was nowhere to be seen. There would be a shadow figure moving through the hallway, or our cats, Smokey and Princess, would just sit in the hallway and stare at nothing and then run away freaked out. But then things began getting much weirder. My mother-in-law and her daughter and son (our Nephew Ryan) came to visit our son, whom she had not met yet being that she lives in Central America. I was standing in the Living Room talking with my back towards the hallway when I felt somebody poke me really hard. I paused for a second then quickly regained my composure and kept talking. But after a few minutes I asked them if Ryan had done it, he was 8 years old at the time and was running around playing, but they all said no, but they all noticed something had happened. Fast forward a few months, I was sleeping and my wife swears that she heard me get up and walk across the hall to check on our son, but when she looked I was still sleeping so she played it off like it was the cats. She heard me get up again and walk across the hall to check on our son, but I was still sleeping and both of the cats were in the living room with him. We were both okay with whatever or whoever was in our house. It made for fun conversation and stories to tell and it wasn't hurting anybody. However, this February, we changed our minds rather quickly. Just one day Smokey the cat was low to the ground and growling towards the upstairs, then she fluffed up and ran away really quickly, this happened for a few days in a row. Then she wouldn't cross the hallway to get to food and litter she would sit in living room and stare at hallway growling, we had to move her food and litter to the kitchen. But the night we decided our ghost had to leave was nothing like everything else we had experienced, everything else had felt playful, but now it felt darker. Smokey still wouldn't go into the hallway that had the staircase leading upstairs, so we actually went upstairs with the cat. She hissed really loud, growled, jumped outta my arms, and then made a beeline for the front door, she ran so fast that he went head first into our front door. Throughout that day she stayed only on the front porch growling, hissing, and fluffing up. Smokey refused to come back inside for a long time! I couldn't tell you how many times she did it in the month of February. Eventually she stopped, but never would go upstairs again. One night my wife went to hang out with her friends to for an old picture show, beauty parlor treatments, dining, etc.) and I stayed home with our son. Both of our cats were doing their routine while I was putting my son to bed. After he was sleeping that's when I started hearing walking upstairs, and loud pop sound, and the sound a baby or very young child crying. I was pretty freaked out so I thought would go watch see if a TV was left on upstairs. When I reach the last step, that's when I saw a black misty looking face in the corner of the upstairs bathroom door way. We really used that bathroom, it was a spare for the guest bedrooms upstairs. So I yelled, "Get out of my house" everything got really still for a second and then there were foot steps right next to me I could feel them. The next day our Wiccan friend, Amy, came over to bless the house. I am unsure of proper terms but she had a type of stone on a chain that she said was vibrating and spinning in the hallway, she also put a type of plant above all the doorways. She didn't do sage smoke because of our son. But when she was outside saying a prayer and putting salt around the house both of our cats were in the living room pacing next to the hallway, staring. And then they both stopped and relaxed. Amy said she felt the ghost presence of a young little girl, about 3 years of age, and that she was very sad and tormented. We started to asked around. There are several stories. One is that a little girl was playing in the attic, got hung on a cord, and died. The other story is that a mother hung her disabled little girl and then went to the attic and hung herself. The opening to the attic is in the hallway. We investigated further and found a hidden attic crawlspace with a secret door (see the pictures ). There was a crib hanging from the ceiling with a small baby pillow, a blanket, a mattress inside, a very creep doll in the corner of the room with its mouth sewn shut, and a dirty little toy truck. Other children and a dog probably lived there too, because I also saw drawings on the walls from an older child or children, as well as a dog's toy bone on the floor. Can anybody explain? Some people have suggested that it is a real life disappointment room. You know, kinda like The Disappointments Room movie , I guess? Apparently our old house has A LOT of unknown history!

Everything is pretty quiet nowadays. Our son sometimes laughs hysterically at nothing. The secret room was cleaned out, and boarded up. The crib, the scary doll, and the toy truck were burned. We never found any proof of anybody dying here or of the true history. Please see the pictures above and let me know what you think happened?!

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