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One Day Without A Friend To Remember

This all happened when I was a student and almost getting my college degree as an architect in computer systems data programmer.
When I was living alone in an apartment in middle of the big city, my daily duties where sleep, cook food and eat, take a shower, getting dress up and going to take my long classes at the local college, this was day after day for years.
Till one day, I was sleeping early at night after thinking for a while about my childhood and growing as the only child with my parents, and now living here alone, where I was feeling the place was so huge and empty too. Anyways, where I was, ah, yes, I heard a sound that hit the front door, and another time after a few minutes too. Then, I stood up from my bed and quietly I went to near the apt front door, and waited to see if the hit sound got repeated or not,  and yes, I was ready to ask " Who is there? " but, i preferred to wait a little bit more. Boon, the noise got loud and that's it, I asked "who is it?" But, I heard nothing, and I just opened the door. 
It was a small dog, a cute little puppy  dog wagging his tail a lot, and I said, "Are you lost, where is your owner?" but the tiny puppy did not stop the  wag its tail, and he jumped to my arms and so, I just took the doggy inside and closed the door.
I asked the puppy, are hungry? and of course, not an answer because pet animals don't speak English, they just jump and play happy to be with you. Then I gave Ice scream with peanut butter as a sandwich and the dog just attacked it.
I went to sleep and the puppy too till the next day.
Following the schedule, I went to study and left the small dog at home with a cup of water and some bread on the floor to eat and drink  if he got hungry and couldn't wait for me.  After the classes, I went to the food store supermarket near by and purchased some small and cute toys for him to play, and great expensive puppy food enough for a month to feed my new friend.
When I went back, my new friend was there right on the inside and back from the door, he was wagging his tail like crazy, again and the message to me was that he was happy to see me. My goodness, I never experience this nice feeling of having a friend that I could trust and tell him all my worries and concerns about my private life and never having a negative feed back, just pet's love to me.
My dog eats good and drink water, and I did not feed him more heavy human foods like ice scream or breads full of vegetable oils and contaminants to pets, his doctor veterinarian's recommendations.
OK, everything was going well, till one day again, and this time I was taking a shower and just finished, getting dress, when I heard the boom on the door, then I seen around looking for my friend the pet dog "Oscar", and it wasn't him because he was at sleep on his new pets bed, I just opened the front door and seen outside, my goodness, it was a rabbit. A small but also very cute hairy rabbit, and now, what to do? What my dog will do, I think that someone said that they had their hunting dogs persecuting the farm wild rabbits and then they eat them. Oh no, the possible trouble will be if my puppy doesn't like the new pet rabbit, I'm kind of curious to find out.
A dog and a rabbit

Two Big Friends Are A Dog and A Rabbit.
And yes, The dog became a big friend of the cute rabbit, and they play and play all day long, they eat their foods together, they cuddle together and they even share the bed, but I have to but another, I know that because they are growing big.
That's a very happy story and I feel no more alone in my life, I got my two friends at home.

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