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Covid 19 Went to Second Place With No Fear For Many Countries Instead Economics Taken Over The Worries

Covid 19 Went to Second Place With No Fear For Many Countries Instead Economics Taken Over The Worries

If the economic situation is a stronger matter that has taken over the thoughts from a big majority of countries in the world and the Coronavirus with it's disease Covid19 has gone to second place or i mean it got ran over by economic worries. Then it could mean that people is not afraid to die anymore? I think people never want to be responsible for anything, and I mean, at least a 70% of people in the world just don't care about others health issues, if they are sick and die, for those people the thing is to make lots of money and that's it.
Kind of what our president in the US said many times "Money and More Money, let's make America Rich Again" or something like that.
People want to get a job, if they were fired or just lost their jobs, and now they want to work and money to pay their bill, and have fun on their spare time. They lost their fears, the virus does't represent a threat to them anymore and they want freedom, to go out and do things just like before the pandemic. The next picture is about the Coronavirus, and the Covid19 "It is a draw by 10 years old my son".
The Virus Coronavirus Covid 19
If a million individuals die because of the contamination and because prior to that pandemic they were already sick with diabetes type 1 and 2, high blood pressure, a cancer, a heart failure, leukemia or so on on disease, to the 70% that I mentioned above, it doesn't matter at all, they don't care if their mother, father or their own kids are gone in the group affected by the sick virus.
if you believe that this is happening right now and you prefer to keep quiet, not to mention anything about it, feel free, this is America, the land of Freedom. However, if you want to comment about this blog, then, you are welcome to do so.

a brief descriptionA small review about Covd 19 pandemic

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