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A Beautiful Necklace Cornicello Talisman Worn

A Beautiful Necklace Cornicello Talisman Worn.

Italian Horn pendant necklace for women & men called Cornicello, known as protection lucky Talisman Amulet necklace and sometimes people wear it as Halloween SG.
What you have to buy is just the Italian Cornicello, and it could be made in Mexico, Colombia, China, Spain, Cuba, Italy, United States, doesn't matter. The most important is that it has to be a real Cornicello for the good luck and protection.
What a Cornicello symbolize? well it is about anything against curses from other bad people.
If you read about it online, you find this "an Italian amulet or talisman worn to protect against the evil eye (or malocchio".

Jstyle 2Pcs Italian Horn Pendant Necklace for Women Men Cornicello Protection Lucky Talisman Amulet Necklace Set Halloween SG #CommissionsEarned #Ad

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