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Twins , Spirits And More

    Angela Gray
    twins, twin baby, twin brother, babies, spirit, twin babies, name, beautiful babies, sleeping, guardian angels

    This was right after my Infant twins were born. They were a month and a half early and had finally been discharged from the NICU in the hospital. 
    One night, after dealing with fussy and crying babies for several hours, and with no help from my, pretending to be asleep husband. I mean seriously?! Who could sleep through that noise? Ok, enough ranting. But I was exhausted and with a little luck and a prayer I was finally able to get my tiny babies back to sleep. I decided to go out into the living room for a few minutes of peace and quiet. I figured if they woke up again, my husband would have to get up. At the very least, he’d have to walk out into our living room to wake me. Lol 
    I laid down on the sofa and was instantly in a deep sleep. I was abruptly awakened when someone, very loudly, screamed my name into my ear! Needless to say, I jumped up fast and was frantically looking around the room. That’s when I saw a dark tall shadow standing next to me. To say that I scrambled back-walked fast was an Understatement! After my awkward ghost scramble mamba, I just stood there, like an idiot, staring back at it, and not sure what to do. I guess I was in a bit of shock. Before I could understand what was going on, the spirit started walking down the hallway, toward my bedroom, where my babies and husband were sleeping. All I could think about was getting to my babies. My husband was on his own. 
    The spirit walked up to where my babies were sleeping in a bassinet, beside our bed and looked down. At the same time, one of my twin babies started screaming, so I ran over to them and my other baby wasn’t breathing! I grabbed him and gave him a few pats on his back, at the same time screaming my husbands name. Thank the good Lord my baby started breathing and crying. I was never so happy to hear my babies cry. 
    I wasn’t sure what it all meant, but was just relieved that my babies were alright.  
    It wasn’t over…. Two nights later, I was sleeping in bed next to my husband, facing him. As I was sleeping, something smacked me on my back extremely hard, which made me jump up to look around and see what was going on. And again, the spirit was standing beside me, which is also where my twin’s bassinet sat. The spirit was looking down at them. And once again, my twin baby started screaming, so I looked into the crib and his twin brother wasn’t breathing! I picked him up as fast as I could and gave him a several pats on the back again and he started to breathe. I was shaking so bad, I was surprised I could hold him! And yes my husband was sitting up in bed, staring at us with a look of horror on his face. We took our babies back to the doctor to have them checked out, but the doctor told us that they were both fine. After those two experiences, I would see the spirit every once in a while watching the three of us, as I rocked my babies during the night. I say the three, not four because my fake sleeping husband was blissfully in bed, pretending to be asleep. But that’s ok. I’m the one blessed to have both my babies in my arms. And I’d like to think that the spirit that was watching over my babies was one of their guardian angels, making sure my blessed, beautiful babies were safe.

      • Heather Pearlswig

        That is such a sweet story and I'm so glad you shared it with us. You have true love for your babies, your soul is on the right path…That is why you were shown the way. You and your babies are beautiful and blessed! I do believe what you are saying, and too bad to those who don’t. I have had many such experiences. At the time I thought what the… Now I know the blessings that went with it! 

        • Larry Williams

          They are cute! Great picture.

          • Kevin Enz

            You got to protect your babies and never allow  dark tall shadow standing next to you, your husband and the children.

            • Tiffany Stratton

              Really?? The twin brother wasn’t breathing and the other baby too.. How are you sure this happen? You probable were having a nightmare or so. It is not that I don't believe in ghosts, but it sounds too difficult to believe it.

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