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I Realized That Many People Did Not Lose Their Jobs and Income During Covid 19 Pandemic

    Christopher Martin
    Health, Clothing, Dress up, Mind, Breakdown, Nurses, Cleaning, Brain, Diplomatic, Thoughts, Worries, Bills, Stimulus, Paycheck, Nervous, System, Car, Insurance, Crazy

    Jobs like health departments at hospitals and clinics for the doctors jobs to work like me, nurses, cleaning department, pharmacies, food markets, government  security institutions, congress, the white house or diplomatic and so many other job positions never got affected and even their workers kept their full salaries, their income always came on time. But, I had already many patients with  serious health conditions as mind breakdown (brain full of thoughts and worries) from their nervous system out of control, probable caused by money and worries on how they will pay their bills, you know those bill people have like house or apartment rental monthly bill, the car and insurance payments, the shopping list to pay, clothing to dress up and many more of course. Those patients lost their income and a stimulus paycheck wasn't enough to cover up all their needs. I want to know your opinions on this issue.
    if this is not important, the we are crazy because when part of society is affected, it touches all of us living in the same country with them. We must understand those that are suffering the consequences from this pandemic.

      • Gino

        I also notice that many people got more duties these days than ever before, in another words, they have to work extras or double shifts, while others got zero work to go every morning which brings me to consider my profession now and maybe I should have a grocery store instead of websites online.

        • Louisa Johnson

          That's true, and nobody talk about if they care with those who lose their job positions and now they are in economical troubles because they don't have for buying primarily things at their living homes, if they still have one. their situation is critical i'm sure and specially if they have little kids to feed.

          • Sara Paxton

            You're right, as a matter of facts, many people became rich and richer with the competition out of business or selling new products delivery to their customers homes and offices.

            • Alison Rutty

              Many of my friends lost everything and they still sick suffering from that stupid virus.

              • Christine Elizar

                They were making a lot of money as a matter of fact. The sad thing is that many lost their entire savings and got a big debt, lot their families and probable they are still suffering two years afer.

                • Christine Elizar

                  They were making a lot of money as a matter of fact. The sad thing is that many lost their entire savings and got a big debt, lot their families and probable they are still suffering two years afer.

                  • Katie Robin

                    Yes, two years and some time more and the virus has killed thousands and those who did not have a way to survive are gone. It has being catastrophic for thousands of people worldwide.

                    • Kate Gaughan

                      The suffering of some is the money making opportunity for some too.

                      • Christine L Leitgeb

                        By now, we all are working already and the pandemic is not an excuse anymore, it doesn't mean that people are dyeing of the virus, but reality is that nobody cares anymore.

                        • Denise Koncz

                          A lot of people are losing their jobs because some companies are going out of business or because someone else became their owners, but I agree, te virus made some people lose it all and some others became much rich with the pandemic.

                          • Karla

                            Some people started working from their homes for their companies and that worked great for them.

                            • Candice Bergen

                              People got their jobs back nd as a matter of fact, they have more job offers available now.

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