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Denise Koncz


For my friends I'm like the big Sissy and for my family I'm the supporting Mom.
Mainly I like to spend time online surfing the web when I have free time, and when I'm on vacations, I just travel the world with my kids.

Preferred Color #73D216
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Arts and Crafts, Watching TV, Book Writing, Fishing, Traveling.

ProfessionSelf Business, Radiologic Technologists X-Rays Health Care
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    • Denise Koncz

      Please tell me WHY people don't understand that I work outside in 90 plus degree heat. I don't wanna be in the heat after work!!!

      • Denise Koncz

        I swear if ANOTHER old woman freaking tells me what too do, i'm gonna scream. Because, 1. YOUR NOT MY FREAKING MOM! 2.My momma is better...More

        • Denise Koncz

          When watching the Maury Povich Show on channel 5 today, some really crazy girl ran off the stage so far that she ended up on some episode...More

          • Denise Koncz

            Happy Heavenly Hollywood Birthday everyone's favorite Wicked Witch! Margaret Hamilton was born on December 9, 1902 in Cleveland, Ohio....More

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