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    • News Update

      Scuba Diver who was diving discovers submerged car of Tennessee teens who disappeared 21 years ago, the scuba man is a famous YouTuber and he finds 1998 Pontiac belonging to missing Tennessee teen, reopening decades-old cold case.

      • Betty White

        I am not the bigger person, you better leave me tf alone! It's all fun and games til the day I am naming names, backed up with some
        screenshot frames. I keep my word and expect the same. You're teasing fire and I am nothing but flame! I have never...More

        • Ayla Reynolds

          Just an Fyi organic food has more bacteria on it than chemically produce foods, so it makes your body stronger and able to fight sickness better. I'm sick of people telling me I eat to much organic and I need some bacteria to be healthy, you make no...More

          • Ruby Franklin

            I just remembered that when I was in school for Apparel Manufacturing the teacher told me that after I graduated and started designing houses that I would be extremely busy and be working long hours, I think that that was one of the main reasons I...More

            • Lydia Hubbell

              When you're giving somebody advice but you have to finish it with " ...but I don't know though * just in case it ruins their life. #livin

              • Bette Davidson

                About 3 weeks ago my Sis found a rotten orange that was left in the bottom crisper drawer that was very moldy. She immediately threw it away and cleaned out the drawer. The next couple days we discovered that some other food items tasted funny,...More

                • Frank Scott

                  If a tree far away deep in the woods falls and no one is there to see it, a Chihuahua 500 miles away will bark at it!!

                  • Rosemary

                    Just had a bad sensory attack in the shower, I need to shower. I also have other mental issues lately and have a terrible cae of the Christmas blues.

                    • Ava Anderson

                      People have serious issues. There issues doesn't have nothing to do with you. It is wild how people are lately. You have to let toxic people go though. Pure insanity. Smh

                      • Lauren Archer

                        This is proof that some of your single friends will keep you single. There’s this girl I was cool with and when I was single it was cool. She operates in this “I hate men” energy. That was never the wavelength I was on but none the less we were...More

                        • Brooklyn Green

                          Sometimes bad eyebrows will ruin your whole face I’m talking about mine. I need my eyebrows done

                          • Annie Drake

                            I ain’t said much on here lately, I been going through the hardest time of my life, basically by myself except for a few, no need to drop names they know I love em and they family even if we don’t share bloodline… and I appreciate you all!!!I’m...More

                            • Stephanie Haines

                              Does anybody here have a hard time remembering faces? Not recognizing them but like thinking of someone but you can’t visualize them? I can’t visualize much of anything in my head. Is there a word for this? I think there is but cannot find it online.

                              • Jessica Dave

                                Something positive about the worst time of your life is getting to see the true colors of everyone and knowing who to trust. Be so committed to your life's growth that you are willing to say no without guilt and yes without fear!

                                • Joanne Lees

                                  The 3 C's in Life are NOT Cookies, Cake, and Cream but are Choices, Changes, and Chances. You must make choices and take chances to get life changes!

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