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Susie Foote


I'm normally to busy to write stuff online, but I think a few lines without many personal information details, just a few clues won't hurt that much.
I love new toys like barbies dolls, board games, electronics as cars, drones, planes, boats, transformers and much more, also love the little kids games with lights and sounds for them to play lone or with little friends too. Since I was a lid I learned that you always to do what pleases you in life, that it is very important to live happy no matter what. Then, to secure that statement and remain feeling secured in my days, I decided to go on the business with that all.
And yes! I also like my own time alone away from al l others and meditate about my future, and for this I usually go to my log cabin out there inside the deep forest where jst birds and wild life is present.


American Golf, Softball, Swimming,


I watch HBO, Netflix Shoes, Cinemax Movies all the times in my free hours.

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Country / CityOntario, California / United States
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Reading Kids Books, Dancing, Telling Funny Stories, Building Toys, Painting Faces,

ProfessionToy Maker, Toys Designer
Toys, Log Cabin, Insurance Agency, California, My Cars, New Toys, Barbies, Dolls, Drones, Cars, Clues, Little Friends, Funny Stories, Building Toys, Painting Faces
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    • Susie Foote
      On Saturday my Mommy and I went to see Stevie Nicks perform live! It was so surreal seeing a music idol of ours up on stage. It was like true magic! I have a lot of emotions and may have cried during Landslide. She ended up playing 3 more songs for us after she said she was initially going to be done. Amazing concert and memory with Mommy that will last a life time!
      • Susie Foote
        I require space and freedom in order to be at my fullest. You can not suffocate me. You can not control me. You can not put me in a box.
        • Susie Foote
          Somebody said "thirty years ago" and my mind immediately said "Ahhh yesss the 1970s" as that 70s nostalgia rolled in....but they actually meant the 1990s...and now I need to go lie down and cry.
          • Susie Foote
            I am feeling very down been playing the video ghost with Justin Bieber and Diane Keaton just because I am getting older and next month 49 and yet I have a daughter that after foster care choose to believe what was embedded in her head and I think a niece of mine is telling her ugly things, it so I mourn this child as if she is dead. No contact 10 yrs. now she's 22 long out of foster care. My own siblings treat me as I am so devictive due to my mental illness. I am suppose to be ready in a week for surgery but can't get up off this couch due to hip and back pain and some mild depression. Why does life have to hurt so much? I have had a lot of horrific crap happen in my life all due to other's and how they have chose to treat me. I just want to feel loved, cared about and leave a positive legacy for my loved ones.
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