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Chantel Phillips


Details play a big roll in my life, I'm a serious nature lover and everything I do is to preserve it. I buy natural vegan food for my kitchen and I feed my cat and dog with chemicals free foods only.
Right now I work from home because it is important to keep the planet earth free by not running the car unnecessarily everyday.
I powered my home with renewable energy, went ahead and replaced all regular incandescent Light Bulbs already, upcycled my furniture, I did recycle all the extra closet  clothes etc. I studied Child Care at Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne,  Coliseum Campus.
My biggest concerns and fear is dealing with parasites, viruses and other forms of life that attack the intestines and stomachs of human lives.


Softball, Running, Acrobatics and Swimming at Olympics

Insurance CompanyMathews Insurance Agency, Inc. for my vehicles, it is located at 4011 W Jefferson Blvd Suite 210, Fort Wayne Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Implant Center, Their phone number is (260) 749-9696
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Cooking cookies, Cooking Sea Food, Painting with Kids, Singing, Playing Piano music,

ProfessionChild Care Business
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