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What Is The Best Way To Cut Expenses?

    Mary Ellis
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    What Is The Best Way To Cut Expenses?

    One day when I was lying in bed wide awake in the middle of the night trying to think of ways to cut expenses. I decided to turn our hot water heater off and turn it back on the day before we want to shower. We only shower once a fortnight but we swim everyday at the beach so why pay to heat that water every night. Plus we can use the showers at the beach if we want. Is this just too weird. Trying to lower our cost of living

    Answers (23)

      • Clinton Crisp

        I worked at an utility company. Had to go through a lot of classes on how to inform our customers on how to save money. Each time you turn it off, it takes longer to heat back up using more energy. There is a thing called phantom usage. Make sure to unplug all small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc) when not using. Do the same thing with lamps.

      • Turning hot water tank on and off is futile and costs you more. When turning it back on it must work harder and longer to get to warm temperature. You'll be burning out the thermostat before you know it.

      • I would leave it on all the time and shower far more often. I would figure out a way to cut cost somewhere else. and sometimes just go to shower at a beach !
        People Like To Go The Beach For Swimming
        The Sun and the white sands make the beach a very special attraction to people like me.

      • Swimming doesn’t wash your body on salted water doesn't make it for a person's health and higiene.
        You need to get an actual shower more than once every 2 weeks.
        I would think turning the ​shower faucet off and on so much would use more energy than just letting it on.

        • Justin Smith

          Water, electricity, and basic needs are not the places to cut cost.
          I am starting to really wonder about some things. I understand ppl wanting to lower bills, but I have seen WAY TOO MANY posts about saving on water so not showing and whatnot. There has to be a better way to save money. It is crazy to me that that is the first thing ppl think of. If I even MENTIONED to my wife and daughter about cutting back kn showering, they would legit kick me out of the house. And I am really not trying to sound judgy bc hey if it works for you, that"s your business, but there has to be other ways to save money. Bc usually water bills are the cheapest utility bill. I guess other areas do things different. 

          • Sarah Fier

            Right.... I cant imagine they said they can shower at the beach where they swim every day. I totally agree with you. My husband and I both shower every day and do a few loads of laundry every week and our water bill is low. The most expensive thing is heat which you need so cut the cost by getting rid of things you really don’t need like cable TV and expensive cell phones. We save at least $1600 a year by using a TracFone instead of a high cost cell service like Verizon.

          • A very smart ladies you live with... Yes! People really would rather spend hundreds on cable and cars but then ask about cutting back on showering/water?!

          • If you don't cut your spending, you can't save.
            If I understand, she said they swim in the lake daily and CAN use the shower there to rinse off. But she def said they shower once a fortnight which is 2 weeks.

            • Amy Linton

              A note that goes with the hot water topic.....Personally, I've dropped my electric bill from an avg of 230 per month to an avg of 109 per month by doing 3 easy things. 1. I don't wash laundry in hot water anymore except for socks and underwear. I sanitize with a shot of Lysol liquid cleaner or white vinegar. #2 We are taking cooler showers (not cold but the lower end of warm) . However, we both work outside and we absolutely must take 2 showers each per day to get the literal dirt and sweat off of us. The third thing is that I started drying all laundry outside starting in Jan. 120 bucks saved quite easily!

            • I think it costs more to turn it off and then back on.
              Maybe it is a good idea though I turn off the power to my dryer when not in use lol.

            • Wouldn’t it make more sense to just change the temperature? I think turning it off will impacts its long term ability to operate?

            • Well I think turning it of and on will kill the tank. When we moved in our tank had been off and when we turned it on it broke and we had to replace it. They aren’t designed to be turned on/off but others may have different experiences.

              • Linda Hunter

                Yeah you can’t turn it off and turn it on. You just need to lower your temperature. And take showers every other day if that makes a difference. All I can tell you is they are not designed to be turned on and off. If you are turning it off you are supposed to drain it. When ours broke, the plumbing supplier near me said it was because it was turned off but not drained.

              • She said they only shower every fortnight....which is every 2 weeks.
                My opinion is...ewwww…that’s nasty in my personal opinion.

              • She indicated they swam daily and could shower at the beach.
                 I seen that. I still bet $ they don’t shower afterward much.

                • Yasmin Lee

                  You need to be careful that you're not inadvertently breeding bacteria in that hot water heater by lowering the temp. Might not be worth the savings.
                  You only shower once every 2 weeks... Swimming isn't the same as bathing at all.

                  • Yasmin Lee

                    Or using the shower there either. I want my own shower with tons of soap and shampoo and stuff lol
                    I dry brush daily and then wipe down daily, much healthier for my skin personally. Depending on your skin type. 

                    • Lance King

                      You shower once…. Every…. Two weeks….?
                      You realize you should be washing the bacteria off your body after swimming, yes?

                      • Lisa Brown

                        I will eat right, stay warm and shower daily until I die...these are my non negociables. I am practicing “frugal light” not “off the grid frugal”.

                        • Nadia Boyer

                          If the water sits at the wrong temperature for too long harmful bacteria will grow in your pipes and make you really sick when you shower etc

                        • An aged care home I worked at a while ago had an outbreak of legionnaires in the showers even though they were used 1-2x per day so it’s definitely possible, just something to be aware of.
                          In my opinion, I think lowering your cost of living would be more efficient by cutting cable TV, reducing phone service and buying store brand items. Regular bathing/showering in the privacy of your home is therapeutic and good for mental health. Lots of light to you.

                          • Abelardo Lopez

                            “My girlfriend and me only shower once a fortnight but we swim everyday at the beach so why pay to heat that water every night. Plus we can use the showers at the beach if we want.”
                            We can use the showers at the beach IF we want considered it important.
                            Worded as in the every day swim replaces the showers and the beach shower is optional. Lmao. Yikes.

                            • Ellen Honda

                              They said they use the showers at the beach (that would be after the swim I assume). She said in a comment above that they shower everyday after they swim. So.

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