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Do You Believe Donald Trump Will Defeat Joe Biden in 2024 Elections?

Do You Believe Donald Trump Will Defeat Joe Biden in 2024 Elections?

I expect the answers in this question will be a clear follow up to have a strait idea who will win the next election. 
Ex-President Of United States Donald Trump
Donald Trump says he wants to win to take revenge against Joe Biden and he feels that he has being a victim of legal trials. All in his mind is about power and fame regardless America is first or last.
President Of The United Sates Joe Biden Election 2024
At the other hand, actual US. President Joe Biden says that America (US) shouldn't allow the former ex-president Donald Trump to come back the white House because it will be a disaster for America and the world.
Remember, this is not an accusation against any political candidate, Republican or Democratic running for the presidency in United States, instead the answer should be accurate and without discrimination or the use of vulgar words to describe your knowledge about them both. Which means, Please read news and rich information from knowledgeable people before answering this question.
Let's Start!

Answers (36)

    • Dustin Irwin

      I want to believe that Biden becomes president again because with Donald no body will be secure, that's a fact. So, NO Trump won't defeat Joe Biden in the next elections.

      • Mica Thomas

        The problem with Donald Trump is that he doesn't care about United States well being future, he only cares about himself. But, I think it is very possible Trump becoming the next president 2024, if the court cases don't get him tied up before.
        Trump is just a little bit nuts. Yes he will defeat Biden in the next elections.

        • Josh Martin

          If this is a true social website, then i can say what I think and feel.. I feel that Donald Trump will lose and all he has in his head is shit. I feel that if Joe Biden loses the presidency in next November 2024, we will be in America and Democracy will be in danger in the entire world.
          Let's pray for the Democrats to defeat Trump with a huge margin of votes.

        • America needs Trump again, he is the best that can happen for all of us. I don't know what could happen if Donald Trump doesn't defeat Joe Biden next elections.I also want to add that if the votes aren't enough, it means they stolen those votes, again.
          Biden is over, trust me!

        • We all need Trump to defeat that bad president Biden, and I'm sure he will defeat Joe Biden and Democrats, because millions will vote for Donald trump.
          Biden doesn't care about America, only about his own benefits in Ukraine and Taiwan.
          Biden will lose and this will be his last chance before he dies, too Old. I'm so happy for him.

          • Jesse Plumley

            Biden will get defeated by a big margin of votes, even if millions of Americans don't want and don't believe it. I will vote for Donald Trump because America is first and the rest of the world is always far away and after.
            The US is safer with Trump, it is a very smart man and he proven it that he knows how to handle difficult situations around the world and in here inside United States.
            Donald Trump and his family to the White House after defeating stupid Democrat Biden.

            • Ben Barnes

              There got to be a way to get rid of the nightmare of Mr. Trump. He is way to old for being asking for revenge and stuff like that. I can't wait till Donald Trump gets defeated by a large amount of votes and elector votes too.

              • Kaia Wright

                After losing this political campaign, Donald Trump will go away, I hope. President Biden is our true future, he is our hero to protect Democracy and democratic institutions in United States

              • You got to be insane to go and give your precious vote to someone like Donald Trump. He and the GOP Republicans are in deep shit because they can't agree what they want and need to represent the future of United States. I believe Joe Biden will win defeating the idiot of Donald Trump.

                • Virgilio

                  Trump and his true social site, his political campaign, inclusive his freedom are going to hell. I will vote for Biden because he is real and he cares about the Americans.

                • Not me, not anymore voting for the same again. I can't afford buying health insurance or car insurance and I really lost the hope on these politicians that only care about their political benefits, their parties and themselves. They are evil all the way.

                  • Austin Butler

                    I trust Donald Trump being the United States president after the 2024 elections, just an example, if Trump was the president now, The US will respond to Iran right now after they attack Israel. But Joe Biden is chicken and he makes the US military look weak by saying they will not respond the attack to Iran.

                  • I think that Most Voters Believe Trump Committed ‘Serious Crimes’ and I'm not that far to believe that this guy represents a serious tread to the United States future. Additional if we don't stop him now by giving our vote to Joe Biden, we'll be very sorry. Beginning today it is expected that the GOP lawmakers use Iran’s attack on Israel to blast Biden, that is almost a fact. Even when the US with 72% of Americans Saying our economy Is in Fair or poor condition. I hope the Trumps voters will open their eyes and see what our president Joe Biden has done to improve our better lives in America.

                  • I'm sure My Joe will defeat that bad american Donald Trump. Joe Biden will make sure all of us are safe and living in peace, and in the other hand Trump is a liar and a weak presidential candidate, he already lost because he belongs to the GOP (Republicans) who are people that can't agree anything good for America, all they do is wrong.

                    • Pete

                      I don't think so, Biden won't win this time,last time the Democrats stolen the elections, never in 2024 because we will be looking like an eagle. Donald Trump will defeat Biden for a large margin of votes and if you don't believe it, just wait to see it.
                      Let's make America great again!!

                    • Biden will defeat Trump a million times, The state of Texas, Florida, California, New York and many more will be democrat, we will win the  White House and the Congress with the electoral votes too. Donald Trump will have to live inside the Jail because he is a criminal when he and his corporations stole TAX money..

                    • I definitely believe that Donald will defeat 100% President Biden this time. Biden and the Democratic party don't stand a chance, they will lose and go to hell. Le'ts vote for Republican Party with President Donald Trump and Let's make America Great Again!

                      • Utees Siu

                        Donald trump will defeat Biden if the lawyers and Judges stop accusing him of crimes he did't do. I think he could do a lot of good to our country. The White house will be in very safe hands and the secret documents too.

                        • Sarah Harris

                          Donald Trump already lost, today the US House passes key foreign aid package to help  Ukraine, Israel and the Indo Pacific. The House lawmakers passed a $95 billion package providing foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific region.
                          Here, we are celebrating it: 
                          Roasted Marshmallowss On The Fire On Sticks & Cook Until Light Brown

                        • Trump will not win, it is a dream for the Republicans with so much division in Congress. Kiss Donald Trump good bye.

                          • Tyler Finnie

                            I think Trump will make it happen this elections could be his. America loves Donald Trump, he has 60% approval in America.

                            • Tyler Dwyer

                              I had a dream and on it The "Sleepy Hitler Pig" was trapped at a stainless steel jail screaming " Take me out, I won't make it again, Sorry that I stolen so many millions and broken many little companies and contractor because I was selfish and greedy for the money". Trump is going to Hell soon.

                              • JP Taylor

                                I'm tired of hearing about Trump. I think he should retire and stay away from politics, he is too old already.

                                • Jack Napier

                                  Trump will win the president's chair this time, I will vote for him and you'll see it.

                                • Trump is hypocrite because he said that Biden's government doesn't take care of the universities strikes and that those strikes should not spread hate among the American't, But meantime he is the one creating division and spreading hate among millions of innocent Americans voters. Do not vote for the traitor of America, Donald trump won't win the elections 2024.

                                • Donald Trump is indeed insane. he is the kind of person who often complains about everything, and these days he is complaining about legal fees and sometimes refuses to pay them, he has also wondered aloud why his lawyers cost so much money. There are a lot of witnesses people, who all spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive topic respect to this political sick candidate to win the presidency of the United States. All I say is, if this man gets away with all the trials he has lineup in the US's courts, then he is protected by evil for sure. Millions across the world are with their fingers crossed and praying that he goes to jail and pay his crimes.

                                  • Samantha Sims

                                    I will vote for Donald Trump at anytime he tries to become president because I think her did a great job in office the last time he was the US president. What I don't understand is why so many legal cases against him when all he has done is good to America.

                                  • I won't vote for Mr. Trump because I don't trust his surrounding GOP people.

                                  • 100% voting for the best candidate running in 2024 elections, Donald Trump will win the white house.

                                    • Colter Adams

                                      Donald rump is a very humble man, he could be more independent and egoist but, he is so sweet and sharing with those that trust him to do the perfect government in the US. He'll make America better and the great of the world's democracies.

                                      • Alani Sol

                                        All I know is that I prefer to respect the independence of our justice system and the integrity of this trial with final results.
                                        We respect the rule of law, The jury has spoken and that is good for AAmerica. Justice has prevailed and it must be applied.

                                        Donald Trump was found Guilty today by a Jury of 12 ordinary American citizens. They found a former president guilty of dozens of felonies, that's is horrible. Despite his efforts to distract the trial, delay it, and deny it. The US justice arrived for Donald Trump all the same and the rule of law prevailed in place.

                                        Trump was found guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. 

                                        The verdict marks the first time a U.S. president has been convicted of a crime. 

                                      • America is first, let's vote for President Joe Biden. Trump is a felon and stays like that.

                                        • Dillon Peebles

                                          I will vote for my actual president, Joe Biden and Trump goes the hell with his GOP.

                                        • I hope with all my heart Donald Trump will defeat the Democratic criminals like President Biden, once and for all!.

                                          • Amber Blanks

                                            You guys should leave alone Father Teresa once and for all. Trump is America's hero and he will prove it soon when we vote for him to become president once again, America will be great again.

                                            • Art Evangeline

                                              I f we bring out the dirty laundry, we will find out that Trump all he does is lie and more lies all the time. It is time to Jail this crook man!
                                              There isn't any doubt that this sick and fat liar man is a crook. Also following his line down, we can find out many of the people who work for him are also huge crooks. My grand father used to say crooks behave like crooks and there isn't any complications as it was made out to be and stay that way. Trump to Jail Now!

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