What Are Mom Healthy Tips For A Moving Out Daughter?

What Are Mom Healthy Tips For A Moving Out Daughter?

My sister's daughter just moved out on her own.
 A gentlemen in here posted something about not mixing anything with bleach other than water. It inspired me to list some "mom's tips" to send to her.
If any of you have some tips I could send her I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance.
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    • Nora Salinas

      Such an amazing thread full of good advice!
      My personal advice is:
      1- Don’t neglect getting regular medical and dental check-ups / physicals / well-woman visits.
      2-Eat healthfully. You’ll be better off for it in the long run.
      3-Start learning some simple meals to cook and you’ll learn new cooking skills as you go.
      4-Eat simply. Healthy meals can be very simple with not too many ingredients.
      5-Don’t drink soda. It will ruin your teeth and your bones and it’s expensive.Save money and just drink filtered water.
      6-Spend a little extra on a good cutting board, a good knife, and a food/meat thermometer.
      It will make meals so much easier.

    • Eat at least half a plate of ‘veggies’ most meals. ( Two serves of fruit a day too ).

      • Tina Basle

        Definitely stay on top of dental visits. One of the most expensive neglects and regrets you'll ever have in your life. Age 40 comes sooner than you think so do it with your own teeth.

      • I took screenshot with your advice for my Granddaughter, Thanks for the tip!
        Right now we are looking for better knives and cutting boards if you have any recommendations! I can't believe I've gotten brand new knives from Target before and they weren't good, fresh out of the package.

        • Darcy Faye

          I LOVE the knives I have gotten from Misen. They are high quality and stay very sharp. I expect to have them forever.

        • I adore my ceramic knives bc they cut like everything is butter, INCLUDING soft tomatoes!! I keep a big steel blade for tough stuff like watermelon, uncooked squash, and chopping nuts, though, bc ceramic can chip.
          I use Kyrocera bc I can mail them in for re-sharpening.

          • Yolanda Ulin

            Henckels is a good brand. Buy one at a time they are pricey. Always wash by hand.

            • Susie Foote

              A relative dank 3 cans of soda a day! Ate a hole in her stomach!! That’s 600 calories a day. Plus expensive. I drink water with meals

              • Kathy Cowser

                Wow this is so overwhelming and incredible to read for me. I am in my 30s and unfortunately were never given any kind of advice whatsoever by anyone not even how to wash or wipe properly. Most of the things I know today, I learned thru friends, school or people in general. So I am definitely saving this post because I just realized I still have a long way to go. Thank you very much for OP and you people are so amazing

              • I’m constantly texting my daughter tips while on college. The minute I think of them. Hopefully she’ll use them!

                • Kevin Enz

                  That's very thoughtful of you and I am sure she is using them.
                  There are actually two very helpful books for people who have just moved out on their own, just in case she wants to read them and learn tose books rich information. ”Where's Mom When I Need Her?” and ”Where's Dad When I Need Him? You might want to give them as a gift! Used, of course!

                  • Julie Furnas

                    If she needs to get blood off fabric, spit will get it out. 50 / 50 vodka water mix spray will get smell out of fabrics with no after smell.
                     Those magic erasers are the best... Clogged drain/slow draining drain 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar let sit 20 minutes and voila!

                    • Jessica Dave

                      Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out ASAP. Used at hospital all the time.
                      Also take plant cuttings from people instead of buying. Use plants intended for indoors and know their light and water needs.
                       They brighten and cheer your space and clean the air.
                       Baking soda, lightly scented essential oils, alcohol and water mists. it helps a lot.

                      • Corie Adkins

                        My dad got me a basic tool kit almost twenty years ago and I still use it ALL THE TIME. I asked him what it was for when he gave it to me and he said “you will need this.” Best gift ever. Always needing to do things around the home and tools became very handy.
                        Not exactly advise but literal tools to equip as well!

                        • Lynn L Smith

                          The best housewarming gift I ever got! Even had a pair of needle nosed pliers in it.
                          When my ant's kids moved out on their own, this is exactly what her husband got them. Although his reason was....so I don't have to bring mine.

                        • Add a small air pump for pumping up your car tires. Our daughter has used hers many times. Plugs into the lighter outlet in the car.

                        • That Is a terrific gift bc everyone needs it. I wonder if anyone sold a small booklet describing uses for each tool.
                          Once my hubby got me a Really large portable toolbox bc I love tools. He asked why I wasn’t using it. Here’s something we might not think of. Even empty, I wasn’t able to pick it up and carry it around. I Was using it but had to keep it in the center of the house for tool storage. lol

                        • This is has handle and is like a briefcase (but hard plastic) And….always have a pair of jumper cables for your car!

                        • I might need to gain a few pounds to feel OK.

                          • Vikki Frank

                            Get the air pump which reads the tire pressure too.
                            Check the pressure before driving to get an accurate reading. (Heat increases pressure)
                            *Show them how to read the car’s recommendation tire pressure from the driver’s side door. (I didn’t know this until I was 30.
                            Tire pressure changes when the temperature outside is cold, expect to correct the pressure after a cold snap.
                            $$$ Incorrect tire pressure will lower your gas mileage and will wear your tires out quicker.

                            • Ronald Curtis

                              My nephew bought me one and I have used it several times. One of the best gifts he ever bought me.

                            • When my ex abandoned me and our son, my uncle gave me a tool kit for Christmas. The next Christmas he gave me a cordless drill. 
                              est uncle ever. (My ex took all my tools.)

                            • My dad, may he rest in peace, gave me tools for a tool box I had started.
                              My dad was a professional carpenter so he had lots of tools.
                              I asked for a hammer, since he had like 20 of them, no daughter, we'll buy you one.
                              I need all of these. Still makes me laugh, to this day.

                              • LaResha Clark

                                Speaking as a landlord, Do not pour the "Draino" chemicals to relieve clogs. They're terrible for the pipes. Get one of these instead. Also the flush able wipes ... are not flushable

                              • Not true Cottonell one are Approved by plumbers. Put them in water and they start to disappear in the water so please state the right facts.

                              •  Good to know...I've been scared to use them (I still do though).
                                Also, if you want watch Roger Wakefield on YouTube. He if the license plumber as well that would tell you. He is awesome.

                                • Ann Stewart

                                  Are they approved by plumbers on the packaging or by local plumbers who do the work to clean the drains once they are flushed? Just curious?
                                  Or you just going off the $1100 bill you had to pay a drain guy because 5 wipes were flushed by a tenant ...

                                  • Maureen Black

                                    Its called a snake and they're relatively cheap.
                                     I tried a similar one in shower.
                                     Didn’t work.
                                     Baking soda and vinegar + hot water helped.

                                    • Sarah Rogers

                                      I get that I work for an apartments. take the time to watch Roger Wakefield video (he explain real good for free). He will tell what you can use and how to fix things.
                                      As a matter of fact, my dad was a drain cleaner most of his life. He had scars on his body from drain chemicals. People don't realize how caustic it is.

                                    • This thing is awesome.
                                      If you leave a relationship, do not go back.

                                    • These are awesome items, recommend them:
                                      1-Dawn Power Shot works on stains on laundry
                                      2-Dust baseboards with dryer sheets it keeps them clean longer
                                      3-Scrub Daddy anything is awesome
                                      4-Clorox wipes DON'T kill Norovirus which causes stomach bugs
                                      5-Don't get credit cards.
                                      6-Get a Crockpot (s) and use regularly
                                      7-Get and Stay certified to use pew pew and get a pew pew.
                                      8-Hydrogen Peroxidevis a good stain remover
                                      And last but not least have Mom, Dad, and 911 on speed dial

                                    • Wisdom from this group is great! Wish someone had given me a Life List like this back when I went out on my own (even though I guess I thought I knew it all! Ha!).
                                      My mom always told me to take my purse with me when I go to bed. That way if an emergency such as fire, or storm you have your ID, car keys and money where it’s easy to grab. I keep mine in the floor beside my bed every night.

                                      • Coraline Key

                                        Disagree with don’t get credit cards. Get a credit card and purchase some thing you would normally buy pay it off within a month and you build your credit. Be responsible with it.

                                      • This is great.
                                         Never thought to do this.
                                         I'm 33 yrs old and glad for this advice!

                                        • Harmony Woods

                                          My mom thought she will throw it out there and let the poster explain it to her child. She said no one explained it to he when she was younger and she had issues when she got one. At 19/20 mistakes can be made easily.

                                          • Angela Furrh

                                            I also put my bathrobe by my bed in case I have to run out of the house due to an emergency, and if you car has an alarm it's handy too just in case

                                            • Tabitha Scott

                                              Tell her like this: keep a pair of shoes under the bed and a fire extinguisher next to it for this purpose, additional, thought to add my purse too.

                                              • Sara Paxton

                                                Always check at your daughter to make sure she is alright and nothing is disturbing her. At least any other day.

                                              • Young girls need to feel free. Your daughter is not the first woman who lives her mother to go and make their own life but, don't worry, she will return to visit you and bring gifts for your birthdays and Christmas time. They always do.

                                                • Joanna Barnes

                                                  Your daughter has the right for her privacy, she must learn by herself, I know you love her, but please, let her go and live her own life. So what if she gets pregnant, that means your will be a grandma who loves her grandson or granddaughter kid.

                                                  • L Farkas

                                                    Give her your blessings and good money, so she can start with that amount for er future all by herself.

                                                  • our daughter is a mature woman already and she deserts the opportunity to learn how to survive and be successful. You should encourage her 100% to go out and make her own nest.

                                                  • You should not try to stop her, let your daughter live her own life with the person she feels is right. What you can do is give her some money to help her feel more secure for the startup paying her bills till she gets a good grab of her destiny. Also, get in touch once in a while to make sure she is doing fine. Be a good friend rather than a loving mom.

                                                    • Edward Beck

                                                      Just don't worry, she will go away and come back pregnant the sooner or later, it always happen with young ladies who want to be free from their parents control.

                                                      • LeAnne Smith

                                                        Maybe she is just using her female rights to have a guy living with at an apartment or so, don't worry.

                                                      • Set the girl free, she has the right to follow her heart. Just give her enough money.

                                                        • Samantha Fish

                                                          Love your girl by letting her learn her own. What you can do is to bless her before her departure.

                                                          • Shelley Long

                                                            I would teach mu young daughter to cook food and clean properly before letting her go away at her own.

                                                            • Jason Edwards

                                                              I'll say, let her go, after a while she'll be back, trust me.

                                                            • Tell her you love her a lot and allow your daughter to get to know herself, give her space to develop her own live.

                                                              • Georgia Tech

                                                                Let her go, give her a big kiss, a couple of bucks and let her do her own life.

                                                                • Alani Sol

                                                                  You only can do much, because your daughter already has been influence by other girls her age, just give her your blessings and good money and wait.

                                                                  • Amber Blanks

                                                                    Huge her and tell like this: Girl, now it is your time, go and get it.

                                                                  • You could let her go like very exited about it, that way, you never get accused of interfering into her life and not allowing her deciding her own future.
                                                                    Encourage your daughter for child prevention if she is not economically ready to take care of a baby and racing him or her because, usually at that age they get pregnant very easy.

                                                                  • If I lose weight in a month, I'm sure I will die!!

                                                                    • Denise Menke

                                                                      I need to slow down eating and lose some of my weight. I mean, I don't want to be a fat lady anymore.

                                                                      • Tiffany Welch

                                                                        Best tips to make money, I just want some tips.

                                                                        • Darrell Lodge

                                                                          Real daughters never abandon their parents (the mother and their father). I think you should let your cute daughter to go and make her own life, that way she'll learn the business. However, keep in touch with her and make sure she has food and her bills paid every month.

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