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What Is That Sound At Night ? SCARY!

We just moved into our rental home in late August, 2021 and every single night since we moved in, have heard a vibrating sound in our bedroom! When we first heard it, we thought it was his phone ringing but only on vibrate. But neither of our phones were ringing/vibrating at all and we don't have any other devices that would vibrate like that. We shrugged it off but it's now been consistently happening every night around 1:30 AM. Last night it was at 1:30 on the dot and tonight it was at 1:33am. But it only vibrates 4-5 times so it's not long enough where we can track it down. I'm trying not to overthink it and freak myself out but I don't even know how to figure this out and it's going to drive us nuts.
EDIT: to clear some things up, our home is a 2 story stand alone home. No walls are shared with any neighbors and our neighborhood is very well spaced apart so it's not coming from another house nearby. Also, I don't see how it's possible for it to be a timer of any kind since it doesn't start at the exact time every night. And it vibrates the EXACT same way a cell phone would ring from an incoming phone call. So I'm ruling out a watch or any kind of appliance. (Also, my husband doesn't have a second cell he's using for a side chick despite some of y'all's hilarious theories). As soon as we get back home, we're going to start to try and track it down over the course of however many nights it takes. My anxiety cannot handle the mystery lol I will keep everyone posted here with any updates!

Update on Sept. 12, 2021: I posted this in the comments last night but I was asked to repost here since it kinda got lost in the comments. My husband was home last night and he sat in our room and waited for it. This time it started at 1:22 am and vibrated only 3 times. Also said it sounded like more towards my side of the room in wall or floor. He waited 90 minutes total and it only happened that once. Keep in mind, the area of the room he's referring to are exterior walls. Our bedroom is upstairs in the very back corner of the house. Do what you will with that info. Lol Hopefully another update tonight. I definitely didn't think this post would get as popular as it has but I appreciate everyone's input and interest!

Update on Oct. 28, 2021: I still have no real update guys. I'm sorry! A friend of mine passed away a week ago and it's just been chaos since. I heard it last night but only caught it on the last vibrate. I'll try to listen for it again tonight if I'm able to stay up that late. The problem is it only happens around 1:30 am and I really need to be asleep then. It's very frustrating. But I promise as soon as I know more. All of you will be the first to know.

Update on Nov. 15, 2021: Hi guys sorry for late update. Prepping for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday and seeing family has been keeping us busy. My husband commented with an update as some saw and he said it happened again last night this time at 1:25 am and was 4 buzzes instead of 3 but him and our nephew both said it sounded like it was coming from the floor possibly. I think we are going to buy the stud/device finder my husband posted about when we're able to. Will post more updates as we can! All we know is it still happens nightly around 1:30 AM and it's definitely coming from the floor space between our upstairs master bedroom and downstairs game room. I definitely don't have the time or money for a demolition project currently though. I will update if anything changes!

    • Julie Elias

      Your explanation of these events at your place sounds like it is keeping you very busy, keep us updated, and don' forget that you should also sleep sometime soon, your body and mind needs it.

      • Brianna Lambert

        If someone you know or near you has a metal detector (I’m assuming the device might have metal), it might be easier to find what it is. I would find someone who has a good metal detector to see if they are willing to help!

        • Grainger Long

          One idea that I could suggest is that if you live near railroad tracks or a runway. You don't have to be right next to one. Just close enough that your foundation can possibly pick up the vibrations.

          • John Deere

            How interesting! I would definitely find the source somehow! Start by stationing multiple people (or just you two) about 10  feet apart nearest where you last heard it. When you hear it, step closer to the source each time it vibrates. Mark where you left off and start again the next night. Three people could create a triangle. If it is a cell phone or old clock with the alarm set, it won't last forever, so get going! Good luck and please keep us posted!

            • Destiny Nordstrom

              This happened to us too a few years ago!!! Turned out it was an old fitbit that buzzed when it was bedtime or time to get water... lmao it probably buzzes at other times too, you just don't hear it in the day while things are busy. It held a charge a surprisingly long time. lol!! But don't worry, it will die one day and the buzzing will stop.

              • Aleisha Stephens

                Do you have a icemaker in your refrigerator? Please check that or the refrigerator itself because mine does that and vibrates through the whole house!

                • Abdul Alnajar

                  It could be an army experimental underground machinery or so, it is a good idea to ask local authorities for them to sen investigators to your location. Be aware the ground produces sounds when something is happening underneath, for sure.

                  • Melanie Rauscher

                    I say, please, don't live alone!

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