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Driving And Avoiding Car Wrecks or Vehicle Accidents On The Roads

Driving And Avoiding Car Wrecks or Vehicle Accidents On The Roads

I think that prevention is always the best way to avoid troubles concerning to driving on the United States roads. It is a very easy task, but many people are driving carelessly and without respecting the traffic lights and stop signs while speeding in the restricted areas where drivers are only allowed to drive at 5 miles per hour.
I know that sometimes it is impossible to avoid a car accident because of circumstances like ice or snow on the road or hydroplaning because of the water on the the pavement of carpool lanes. Many people do not have enough respect for others properties and lives and so on, but should only be driving when it is necessary to go out, driving defensively is an easy thing that people should consider putting into practice to save lives and properties lost ( motor vehicle accidents or car crash wrecking ).

    • Madona Yacoub

      Driving with defensive and careful actions on the vehicle at the US. roads it is the best to avoid automobile collisions, said my driving school trainer to me.
      When i driving short distances is when i pay much close attention to the rest of the cars traffic because i don't what to get sue by other drivers on car accidents and court trials.

      • Shawn Rivera

        That is something I always think in the mornings and at evenings when I must drive my car for work or to make short errands in my town. I always expect people are driving carelessly and without respecting the traffic light, just as you said it.
        I look good every corner and the hidden spots from my vehicle and at stop signs, I stop totally without caring what drivers behind my car are going to think about my driving, because I try to avoid car collisions and insurance rates high because of tickets etc.
        I call it "Smart Driving".
        I never had an accident on the road ever and my records are from many years already.

        • Harmony Woods

          I always watch all 4 sides when stopped at a stop sign, and I make sure everything is clear before crossing the road with my car.

          • Coraline Key

            I will say that if a person is a driver and he or she decides to drink wile they are in a party or anywhere else, then they should call a taxi, ask a friend who didn't drink to drive them or just walk, but never be irresponsable and put others lives on a risk of a car accident on the road. Don't Drink And Drive, Please.

            • Jenny Slate

              A car accident is something I don't want not even for my worse enemy. People can lose their live, their car and everything meaning good for their families. Besides, lawyers and court costs are astronomic expensive costs.  Stay away from collisions and accidents with vehicles.

              • Roxana Iraheta Ayala

                The majority of car accidents where many of the drivers have caused the vehicle wracked and possible human lives lost, they were caused by those drivers driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks, and careless driving.
                There is no way that court judge will allow those individuals drive ever again. I those people get away with murder, they will have to carry that blame on their lives for ever, and they must go to get driving lessons and prove they are ready to drive a car again.
                I just don't like those careless and drunk people out in the U.S. roads.

                • Sally Schauman

                  I just had one car accident last week, too bad that I didn't read this post before.
                  I guess now I have to deal with car Insurance troubles, high payments every month.

                  • Denise Koncz

                    A car accident can happens at any time.
                    Driving requires full attention, it is an important vehicle operation that only experts could drive.

                    • Ebby Ebb

                      Nobody wants to hace a car accident, but, if people is always thinking in getting away from one of those, then it could happening much faster, be careful.

                      • Candice Bergen

                        People always driving a car, they will be n risk of an accident at all the times, they better drive very careful and in a defensive way to prevent accidents or getting envolved and hurt or hurting someone else on the road.

                        • Alison Rutty

                          Got to drive a car careful, always make sure your vehicle's breaks work correct before travelling long distances or driving inside the interstate roads.

                          • Kelly K Hunter

                            I pay a lot of attention while driving and avoid at all methods to have a collision. I don't want any car wrecks or any vehicle accidents because that will expose my or somebody else life.

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