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Sally Schauman


I'm a very sweet person when people are sweet in return to me, or at least they try to.
I don't like sarcastic women that never want to say how they feel about me in my face, and instead they go in my back talking worthless stuff about me. Those won't ever be to my side and never be my friends.
I can forgive if the people ask in the right way, as I'm very forgiven and I know how to forget and start all over again.
I like to create events and parties for my community, participate in happy weddings, birthdays, and be a team player. I enjoy the outdoors and discover amazing players in the Americas.


Baseball professional, Soccer games, Ski on the ice as a Recreational Skier

Insurance CompanyStiel Insurance - Lafayette for my vehicles
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Cooking for fun, video playing as a video player over the network, Karaoke singing, Bicycle rides, horse ride, motorcycle riding, walking, running, swimming and more

ProfessionMechanic / Auto Parts Delivery Driver
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