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Can I Safely Complain About What My Husband Considers To Be An Empty Jar Of Peanut Butter?

Can I Safely Complain About What My Husband Considers To Be An Empty Jar Of Peanut Butter?
This is the only place I can safely complain about what my husband considers to be an empty jar of peanut butter…tell me I’m not the only one that finds this annoying.
Empty Jar Peanut Butter
I will take all that peanut butter out of the jar and then maybe throw it away.

Answers (18)

    • Yasmin Lee

      That’s a free doggy “Kong”. I give it to my dog when it’s like this and she licks it clean. Occupies her for hours!

      • Lisa Brown

        Be careful though. Some peanut butters contain dog toxic ingredients.

        • Nadia Boyer

          Yes, always read labels. They are putting xylitol (aka Birch sugar) in low sugar products. Highly toxic to dogs.

        • I remember being taught the proper way to empty out a peanut butter jar in Home Ec years ago. It was humorous back then watching the teacher scrape out every last bit with a spatula but now I’m glad she did.
          She taught us to not be wasteful.

        • That’s how I do it - had a Home Ec teacher for a mom.

          • Dana Cookson

            This is something that never gets through to my husband or step father.
            They always respond with 'i left some for the doggies'.
            The doggies don't clean it out!
            They don't even come close to cleaning it out!
            There's a whole one or two sandwiches in there! Use the spatula!
            Yes. I feel your pain.

          • We were doing the Walmart pick-up service during the worst part of the pandemic. We were too afraid to actually go into the store, so the fact that they offered this was truly wonderful. Every once in a while, the workers would give us a little goodie bag with different little samples and such. One time they gave us this little flexible spatula (it has a long handle), smaller than any of the others that I own. That little spatula has come in SO handy for cleaning out things like peanut butter jars! I can get practically every last bit of it! (And that jar pictured above is DEFINITELY not empty!)

            • Grainger Long

              I got that little Walmart spatula too, and I love it! I have several other spatulas but the Walmart one is one solid piece so it doesn't get gross inside the handle like some do.
              Spatula Spoons

              • Ethan Currier

                To be clear, it's not empty to me, just because I get to use my favorite spatula. My ex-wife recently passed away, but she would think it's empty, but she also knew me and my spatula. I miss her because she was like my friend too.

              • It's just the opposite in my household my husband tries to save every single little drop of everything.
                Me on the other hand as soon as the jar looks fairly empty to me I just toss it or if it has mold in it at all.
                Even though my mom did the same thing as my husband when we were growing up I I'm highly architectural so I basically have to be extremely careful. Even if it's Cheese or yogurt or something like that I will toss it out rather than Cutting the mold all off and calling it good.

                • Luis Alonso

                  There’s enough PB for a sandwich in there! But, pick you battles wisely. Is it worth the fight to explain to him how wasteful this is over time? I’d suggest being grateful for all that he does right!

                  • Amarie Sieg

                    One more thing…I hear y’all talking about getting in there with a spatula, but I use my finger when I can so I can get it all!! But I’m single and live alone!!

                  • I’m with you.
                    However I don’t like peanut butter.
                    Lucky for me I have a 100lb dog that does, so he enjoys cleaning these up as a snack.

                    • William Smith

                      My wife cleans a peanut butter jar with a spatula and gets every little bit he can!

                      • Rita Wilson

                        That's not empty to me. 
                        I'd get a scraper and (not necessarily use it then) compile into one big blob in the jar so he can see how much is there.
                        Plus, if you are hungry, those scrapers are perfect for adding it to some type of bread for a sandwich.
                        But show him first.

                      • If I was hungry from not finding anything to eat for a week or more, then yes, that glass is more than full and precious, don't throw it away, but in my case, it is empty and the time I spend cleaning it, I could be working and producing a profit. My opinion only, I guess.

                        • Angela Gray

                          If I had a husband, and that was the worst thing he ever did, I’d consider myself very blessed now that he is gone to waste the peanut butter!

                          • Rebecca Elstrom

                            My husband and son do the same thing.
                            I use a spatula to remove the rest and there's usually about 1/3 c left in the jar.
                            My dogs don't like peanut butter but my cats do, unfortunately they get their heads stuck if I give them the empty jar.

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