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Any Advice About Cars And Being Frugal That Maybe Beneficial ?

    Georgia Stevens
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    Any Advice About Cars And Being Frugal That Maybe Beneficial ?
    Old Vehicle Mini Ban
    My husband and I both work from home. We both had our own vehicles until my husbands car started acting up last year, so we got rid of it and got rid of the loan. My car is paid off and has been for 2+ years but his car had a monthly payment of $375, plus insurance costs. Luckily by selling it we were only out about $1,000 and were able to pay off the loan.
    Well since then, we bought a house but we still both work from home and rarely ever need two cars, if ever. We basically only drive to the store or the occasional doctors appointment. We have never had the situation come up where he needed the car and it caused issues. We have a baby on the way, due in January. Not having a car payment has helped so much with the cost of house buying and my car has just over 100k and has never given us any trouble so I expect to get at least 3-4+ more years out of it. My goal is to have enough money saved to buy a car right out by then. 
    The issue is my husband pretty consistently talks about wanting a truck. This is kind of a place of tension with us. We both don’t need vehicles and of course he doesn’t just want any truck, he wants a $30k+ truck like a Ram or Tundra that would come with a car payment of $400+ I’m sure and insurance costs, the costs of gas would be so much higher too. Plus the market to buy a car is horrible now. We drive a Honda Fit now so we pay maybe $25 to fill my car up all week. 
    Our  house will need a roof within 2 years, we knew this when we bought our house. Our baby is coming in January, yet he thinks he “deserves a truck”.
    Well if we’re talking about deserving a nice car why does he deserve a expensive truck but I don’t deserve a fancy mustang? Like let’s get real, I drive this Honda to save money. When I told him that “deserving” has nothing to do with the car we drive he was like well, then we can get a mini van for you when the baby comes.
    It’s not like we don’t make good money but with the baby coming and the roof and all, I just think it’s plain stupid to get another vehicle. 
    Any advice about cars and being frugal that maybe my husband could benefit from? 
    This is like our one fight, otherwise we agree on how money is spent 99% of the time.

    Answers (27)

      • J.d. Elo

        Never buy a new car, because they lose 50% of the market value right away as soon te buyer drives it away from the car dealer.
        Also, never finance a vehicle, better save money and buy it cash with discounts.

      • I will not have less than 2 working vehicles. I have been stuck several times. I don't care if they are new. Just make sure there is a vehicle for both adults. You never know when might not work. especial since you are having a baby.

        • Kristy Hille

          I understand the frugal aspect but I also understand the nasty feeling an adult gets when they don’t have their own vehicle. It’s a very trapping, suffocating, weird feeling when you once had a vehicle, but now you don’t have one. And I get that you have a car that you don’t mind sharing but that car is not his own. Every adult should have their own vehicle if they so desire. I would make sure he has a vehicle that has room for all the car seats necessary though, no play toys that won’t fit the whole family.

          • Vikki Frank

            It sounds like you are trying to convince the reader or find a way for the reader to help convince your husband. You know what the definitions of frugal and budget are. You have a solid opinion. I imagine your husband has a solid opinion too. Time for you to talk with each other and reach a compromise.
            My husband and I have been through this same thing. We are both retired. No need for two cars. We got rid of my car and got a nice pickup for both of us. I don’t really worry too much about the gas prices because we don’t drive that much. The truck gives us more options and versatility.
            Good luck.
            Btw, opinions being that ever one has one - I would want 2 vehicles with a baby coming.

          • A minivan for one kid? A nice 4 door full sized truck would be more than enough for one kid do. Even two.

          • Frankly, this is why my husband and I keep separate finances. It eliminates a lot of these money fights. You want a new car? Okay, after your fair share of all of our bills and putting your fair share toward our savings funds, do you have enough money left over? Fine that's on you! Anytime I want something that is clearly for my benefit and a want not a need, I pay for it myself and vice versa.

          • Absolutely NO! There are “ wants” and there are “ needs, You know?”.
            Is owning a truck necessary for his line of work? Will he gain added income from using it? You have to think priorities, and the first priority is your house. If you are getting by with one vehicle, why add the expense of something not as useful? Use your resources wisely, kids cost a lot of money, save for college.

            • Tanaya Lewis

              There is no such thing as absolutely NO in a marriage. At least that is what I have learned in my 3 years if marriage. His happiness is as important as my happiness. I definitely would not prioritize college over his truck.

              • Michael Clay

                If that works for you, terrific. In my case, NO works when it comes to prioritizing money. I prioritize education over an object. My parents were able to send their kids to college without loans because of NO.

                • Lance Parker

                  Where is college mentioned? And why is a truck definitely more important ? Genuinely curious.
                  My opinion is .... is it worth all of the fighting???... I say let your man have his truck without giving attitude... trust him, love him, enjoy the truck with him ... life is only once.. as a married man of 40 years of age, it makes me happy to see my woman happy ... all of the bill stuff works out especially if we are still working out together as a couple .... I think you’re worried about the finances and your baby coming ... trust your husband that he will continue to be the good husband and friend.., and a father to be as he has been to you throughout your relationship... don’t let this be a power struggle that puts a wedge between you and him .. it’s just a truck you can afford that will make him feel like a king /young / strong / manly / in control/ / loved/ understood and just happy. Not like he is in a prison .... a wise old man told me a long time ago that a good happy marriage comes when we put our spouse’s happiness before our own ... it’s true ... I’ve found over the years if I trust my woman, the mother of my children..& do all I can to help her have joy in this life .. and help her reach her dreams and goals ... she is more loving, kind and considerate to me and my wants, needs and desires.. the little things are really the big things in life especially, in a marriage... your husband is also aware of the roof, the baby, the extra costs and gas ... trust him to continue to be the wonderful man you love, respect and chose to build a life & family with ... when woman let her men to be a men, they generally are ..& they are good men... trust him, stop worrying.... and if by chance you married a bum, a big flake .. then of course you have reasons not to trust him & support his dream truck .. but if he is good, trust him and enjoy your lives and family together. Good luck, we all deserve good... it’s not about that tho.

                • I’m probably in the minority here but if you guys have the money for the truck and it won’t cause a financial hardship I say do it. “Things” are just “things” but I thoroughly enjoy driving a vehicle I love, even though I didn’t need a Jeep Wrangler.
                  On a side note: My husband's truck fits a car seat way more comfortably than most other vehicles, so it may make sense.

                  • Katie Hoyt

                    I completely agree. Of course trucks come with 4 doors, why not trade in the car for a new truck,  Men love their trucks..and they are handy.

                    • Aaren Myers

                      Super handy! It may not be frugal friendly but sometimes ya just gotta live ya life.
                       I must completely agree.. and most of the time it all works out. I have a Toyota truck myself.

                    • I don’t know why you can’t sell your car and compromise on a new truck, sale being down payment. A truck is safer for a baby anyway, if you don’t drive a lot gas isn’t a real problem and everyone deserves something they want. I have a 2021 GMC Acadia AT4 and the insurance is higher for that then our other vehicles because of all of the sensors and electronically parts that cost more to change, but we have 4 vehicles 2 with full coverage and 2 without and I believe my fiancé pays around 184 for all 4.

                    • I don't think the answer should be " no," but "later." Make a plan together that includes expenses, baby, and roof and find out when you'll be comfortable getting the truck and make a plan to save for it.

                      • Sky Bashien

                        I would be devastated if I voiced that I really really wanted something and my spouse didn’t at least try to help me make a plan to meet that goal.
                        Try looking at the ways you can make it happen, rather than the ways you can’t and why you think it’s dumb. If a payment is a lot help him figure out a way to offset the cost.

                        • Wendy Lindsey

                          A good way to figure out if this would be something feasible and financially fair is to set aside what the payments and gas/insurance would be for 2-5 months time. Not only will you be able to put money down on the truck when you buy, but you can also feasibly see how much stress it would put on your finances and if you could both be happy with it. If you financially can’t swing the payment for a few months, you will know it’s not the right time. If you can swing it and it doesn’t cause added stress on things, then maybe it would be in the best interest to consider this large purchase. Just something to consider.

                          • Mark Landon

                            That’s a great idea!
                            Maybe acknowledge that he wants a truck, and nothing wrong with that and start a savings account for it. Purchase price plus the interest on a truck like that’s gonna be some real money over time. When the baby is real & in front of him, maybe the truck will seem less important. Meanwhile you will be saving for it and the roof.

                          • If he wants an extra toy, he needs to get an extra job to pay for it. He’ll need to save at least half the sticker price in advance to demonstrate commitment to the purchase.

                            • Angel So

                              I absolutely think your other half deserves a pick up for all his hard work. Unfortunately, you say it’s not in budget, but if you probable had the money, I think that I’d let him get one.
                              I’m not saying I don’t deserve anything, but he tends to put your kids and yourself above him all the time and he goes without. It would be a treat. Good luck.

                              • Alba Sandino

                                My boyfriend is the same way. He goes above and beyond to make sure our kid and myself have what we need.

                              • In all honesty, a truck might work better once baby comes than your Honda Fit. Your Honda will be a tight fit with a rear facing car seat. Especially if he gets one with four doors (this should be part of your terms) you’ll have way more room and you’ll be using the vehicle a lot more to go to pediatrician appointments. I’ve heard from multiple people their trucks are honestly great for car seats. Whether you hold off and use your Honda for a couple more years or wait, you’ll have a car payment eventually. Yes you’ll be able to hold off but realistically if you’re saying you can get maybe 2 years out of the car but the roof will be need replacing in 2 years, do you want to be doing both of those at the same time? It’s also a misconception that your insurance will go up significantly with a new car. Newer cars have more safety features which now is making insurance prices go down because they’re safer than older cars. Also newer cars, the parts are easier to find & replace if you get in an accident, it’s harder to do with older cars so I would get actual quotes to get an idea than assume because I’ve heard of this being the case for multiple people, including firsthand experience!

                                • Jaurin Castro

                                  They need a roof?? Like this isn't about squashing his dreams this is about reality.

                                  • Santos Avila

                                    I would not have less than 2 vehicles I wish we had a truck again they come in very handy. When you own your own house there will always been some kind of expense coming up.

                                    • Loren Swarts

                                      Prioritizing your spouses aspirations and wants in life doesn’t mean they have to choose the truck before the roof, it means going “hey, okay, I don’t think we can make this work RIGHT NOW, but we can try to make it work in 3 years.”
                                      Not everything has to be so one or the other, live a little.

                                      • Vanessa Leal

                                        Had my truck before I had my husband. If we were a one vehicle family, i’d want that vehicle to be a crew cab truck. They serve a greater purpose than a car. You’re gonna need something to haul toys & swingsets & bicycles before long.

                                      • This was exactly us in 2019. His car died and he NEEDED a truck...eyeroll. But it was my down payment, and I had to cosign. I wish I hadn't. I know he loves his truck but he should have gotten the down payment together himself. I am the one making smart financial moves so HE can have a truck lol. I would just suggest starting to save for it. Nothing wrong with that, he should agree that anything to lessen that bill is a good idea.

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