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Loren Swarts


A school teacher happy to work with kids all ages in my city.


Swimming, Exercising, Basketball, Softball

Insurance CompanyGaico Insurance for home and car.
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Preferred Color #8A7FCC
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Reading novel books, watching tv shoes on cable TV.

ProfessionTeacher / Director
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    • Loren Swarts

      Respectfully, please don’t ever message me and say “must be nice.” We KNOW struggle. It sux that you can’t post your happiest moments on...More

      • Loren Swarts

        Last liquid meal is dinner tonight, graduating to solid foods for breakfast tomorrow morning and I will even get to drink COFFEE! Yayyy!!...More

        • Loren Swarts

          Oh my, Seattle hits heat record today of 107 and more heat coming over.
          Only 40% of homes have air conditioning. This is not a good sign!...More

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