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An Important Message To Users From The Website Administrator

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    Hello, I'm am the administrator of website and I would like to introduce a few steps of information crucial to you for a better use of our website benefits that could satisfy you. What I mean is that you can take advantage of the source of information and tools that you as user of the site can benefit from.

    First, I  apologize for the delay that takes the registration process as it is extreme important to check and re-check each new user who registered to the site, and unfortunately many aren't real users and instead they are robots created by the search industry to spy or steal information critical that belongs to all site's members. These steps of processing new applications engineering and apps who are claiming to be legitimate and that they want to participate on the list of real users or members is not really real and those processing steps take a longtime to clear. I must be sure that when I approve a new user he or she is real and not a robot with hidden octopus tentacles like a monster willing to steal and misused our information stored on our database on the server where this website lives and operates. It is as a serios administrator job to make sure that is secure the environment for everyone.
    Please be patient and wait for no longer than 24 hours while I make sure all information steps inclusive checking the IPS addresses are legitimate and not created by a computer machine.
    Your profile will be accepted as it is received and after that all the site's tools for socializing with your friends and relatives will be available to you at no charge whatsoever.
    Please make sure you read and accept the legal privacy and that you know that posting your opinions in others blogs, files uploaded, published movies or inclusive profiles is something that brings credibility and respect to your participation.

    If there is something that needs to b check and fix, let us know by using our contacting page or by becoming friend and sending a message to the administrator of the site the Book of Likes. If for instance, another user is going out of control and acting stupid with you, making you feel intimidated, please let us know immediately.

    We believe in freedom and the confort of America, your happiness is our job, and we want your profile to be safe, your friends to feel at home and lets have fun socializing without limits, let's post videos from Youtube and make our own nice constructive comments on them, let's talk about things that are important to you and all the rest of us.
    To begging building trust between you and us, we want you to know our WhatsApp number that you can call with any questions on office hours (Direct App Line is: Tel. # 1+ 506 - 8968-4737 connect with Gino, base in America's time (Time in Chicago, IL) or you can send a brief message me using the messenger inside book Of Likes too. 

    I will be glad to answer the call or reading your message, questions or suggestions. I treat everyone fairly and I love you to stay in our website, because I build this system from scratch for you and me to be happy using it all times.
    My main concern is that you prior to register find a small picture to use as profile picture (a small image can work).
    Then, please make sure that you are older enough to become a member of the book of likes, if not, then you will have to wait till you reach eighteen years of age.

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