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Paranormal Phone Call With Ghosts ?

Creepy things that’s happening to me as I type this post: I’m on a  possible weird haunted phonecall with my nearest pharmacy trying to get my prescriptions switched over. Third time today I’ve tried this. This time I actually talked with someone and they switched me to the pharmacy. No one has picked up since and I heard some very faint hold music and messages but mostly have gotten bits of peoples conversations. For the last maybe 5-10 minutes(been on hold for nearly 30 minutes) I’ve been hearing this woman breathing right against the phone and whispering. The only things I’ve been able to make out are hi, help me, and hungry. I don’t think it’s a pharmacist/tech at all as I can hear them, along with music, glitching in and out of the background behind the breathing and whispering. Hungry is the word in hearing the most but it’s mostly just weird breathing. Anyone else experience this or know what it might be? As far as I’m aware no one can hear me on this side of the line. 
I’m now hearing the hold messages glitching in and out but still hear pretty much just the breathing and whispers.
I ended up staying on for nearly an hour without realizing it. When I hung up and called back someone in the pharmacy immediately picked up and I didn’t hear the woman again.

    • Susie Foote

      It has happened to me a few times when I'm on the phone with my daughter. I can hear some static or someone talking but cannot understand exactly what it's saying. Oh, and yes, my children (two young adults) and I are very sensitive to paranormal and we just don't talk about it anymore because people don't believe or they judge and say, "you need your medicine" or "what kind was it?"

      • Jade Tailor

        That's creepy AF!! Phone stuff is always so creepy, why? They're not right next to you...I don't get it but I'm freaked out!!

        • Kate Gaughan

          Sounds like maybe a cross signal from some one else's call...but still that is creepy. A few years back when our land line was still in service, )even tough on our end it sounded like water in the line and we couldn't call out) 3 different times in a week time period we had cops showing up at our door saying that we called 911. We didn't even have a phone attached. It was pretty creepy. We had it disconnected after that.

          • Josue Solis

            It could be a radio signal static cross over the phone line, I heard that ghost only appear at night and they don't talk person to person and less on a sound signal.

            • Novoa Richard

              I think that there is some truth on the phone calls, it could be ghost wanting to deliver a message to the other phone side.

              • Jessica A. Garcia

                That phone must be with a weird spell, it looks like.

                • Stacey A Banton

                  I will be curious to find out what the phone call is about, maybe the person or spirit at the other side of the phone has some important message to deliver.

                  • Jena S. Hall

                    Maybe you should call an expert to check at your phone connection and wiring, perhaps it isn't a ghost or bad spirit trapped in the phone line.

                    • Alyssa Milano

                      Stories like this one is something I never wanted to read when I was a teen because it was difficult to sleep at night. I mean, who wants to receive a phone call from nobody like a Ghost, give me a break.

                      • Kailey Owens

                        I think you are right, your phone must be possessed and it has several bad spirits inside. Intermediately visit the nearest Christian church for an exorcism from it's pastor.

                        • Angel Akon

                          I don't understand how there is people so confused about things that don't belong to this world. I they are a ghost, then they don't live with us on the earth simple like that. Any paranormal phone call with voice sounds like from the other side of the universe, then it is a bad spirit trying to confuse you who believe on their manipulative words and if that is what people call Ghosts, they wait to see what a bad spirit can do if you open a port for it to pass in our world.

                          • Caitlin Clark

                            I learned that when my phone puts puts out weird sounds it is because it has being hacked and I better turn it off immediately and change the phone number to protect my privacy and bank account.

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