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Do you get hungry when browsing chocolate cakes, brownies, BBQ ribs, sea food recipes, the food pictures online? Opinions count too. : Bragging Faces

A question about food addiction, eating  food becomes an obsession for image watchers (watch and dream won't hurt).
People can enjoy chocolate chips and cakes covered with sweet delicious chocolate desserts foods, brownies.

    • Erica Campbells

      I love BBQ ribs to eat outside with my kids. Sweets no, that's a no for me.

      • Destiny Nordstrom

        I spend hours scrolling the computer browser and smartphone screen looking at delicious food pictures every day. I guess my excuse is that I'm looking for a nice recipe to cook at home, but never cook nothing, instead if i really want something, I just call the restaurant and order for delivery.

        • Kelley Jakle

          I'm not kidding with this stuff about eating chocolate cookies and candy for hours. When I start, I can't stop, much better not to buy it because it won't last longer on the table.

          • Claire Ear

            I'm interested on cooking some chocolate cakes and brownies to enjoy eating with friends while watching movies on TV. Then cooking the best BBQ ribs, and sea food recipes

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