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Locked Up With Dead Bodies

Locked Up With Dead Bodies


On or around 1985, the home i shared with my parents brothers and sisters backed on to a very large cemetery. My friends and myself would use the cemetery as a short cut back on to the estate where we lived. One late evening myself and my friends decided to take the usual short cut through the cemetery. In the near distance I noticed one of the large tomb stones had been removed. When we arrived at the tomb the stone covering the entrance had been slid back so whoever had been there before us had opened all the coffins. Some of the corpses had been taken out of there coffins and placed on the floor inside the tomb. As we got closer to the tomb we could see steps leading down. As we stood at the entrance one of my friends lit a piece of paper and passed it to me. At that point I slowly walked down the steps as I walked down the steps I could clearly see shelves with coffins on them. Some of the coffin shad been opened and i could clearly see dead bodies. At that point I turned around to make a quick exit I heard the noise of my friends sliding back the tomb stone. Locking e in the tomb. The piece of paper that one of my friends had lit went out. Meaning i was in total darkness. I was terrified (frozen to the spot in terror) I was sealed in for a total of 2 hours. I can not describe in words the Terror I felt. eventually my Dad (god bless him) Slid the tomb stone open and got me out. After that night to this day I've never spoken to any Of my four "friends" ever again. 

I have never told anyone this story before. Thank you so much for reading this.

    • Albert Einstein

      A-holes don’t even begin to describe them at that point. 

      • Rita West

        I understand your anguish back then, That is just terrifying, I am so sorry you had to go through that. But like my Granny used to tell me when we stayed until late in the day at the cemetery...Don’t be afraid of the dead, it’s the living ones you must be weary of. I don’t blame you for not speaking to them since, I personally don’t like rude jokes, especially like the one you had to experience!

        • Kathy Miller Smith

          OMG! Why do you still refer to them as your friends? With "Friends" like that, who needs enemies?!?!??

          • Kate Gaughan

            How horrifying, so sorry to hear this happened to you! I am curious, how did your Dad know you were there to rescue you?

            • John Deere

              Yeah, I guess I should say my "so-called friends" Lol @Kate They had tried to get it back open and finally realized they needed to ask for help...eventually.

              • Doni Fishback

                Yeah, they were most definitely NEVER Friends, that's for sure. So sorry you ver had to go through something so terrific!!! :C

                • Elizabeth Jackson

                  When you talk about corpses had been taken out of there coffins, I get very scared and which not to read any further your story but, it is very interesting story. People should stay away from private property and specially from cemeteries, that's very sad to he4ar.

                  • L Farkas

                    Horrible observation, your story is one in it's kind. I guess people died and non one knew who they were, so sad.

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