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Reading a Good Book for Couples to Read Together

Reading a Good Book for Couples to Read Together 

I would like to share the idea of spending time alone reading a famous book. A good book for couples to read together at anytime at home or when they went vacations at the hotel beach somewhere.
Fun best couple books re aloud, bestselling relationship literature, or even so, it could be romantic.
A romantic books to gift your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

I don't sell books, I just was saying that it is a nice time spending time to have these books at home.
Author Guillaume Musso wrote “Girl on Paper“.
Author Haruki Murakami wrote “Norwegian Wood“.
Author Boris Vian wrote “Froth on the Daydream“.
Spanish Author Mario Vargas Llosa who wrote “The Bad Girl“.
Author Bernhard Schlink wrote “The Reader“..
Latin Author Gabriel García Márquez who wrote “Love in the Time of Cholera“ and many other more.

    • Cynthia E Parker

      Les Miserables by Mr author Victor Hugo, was recommended by a good friend in Seattle Washington last year and downloaded it from Amazon stores for me and my guy to read together as a couple!

      • Angie Sue Marion

        The book Complete Works by author William Shakespeare is the book we are reading together now little by little because we don't want to finish it too soon, Next, we will begin the book "Shakespeare in Love" which is a drama in love story. :)

        • Gino

          That sounds very romantic if one of them don't fall a sleep while reading the book. I prefer to watch Netflix movies or TV shows online.

          • Kimberley Tanner Canova

            Romantic books are almost going away! I love to read terror and investigation books.

            • Kim Zolciak

              I suggest you guys to read the Holly Bible and digest the reading together, this action related to famous books like this one, will bring a positive feeling to couples and keep them together for life. Again, reading the Bible doesn't mean people are Christians, it just means that they are sharing good knowledge.

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