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The Cars I Would Like To Own Someday Soon

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    Chevy Corvette, Porsche, Car, Mellinghan, High speed, Sport, Maker, Car model

    People can't describe their motor feelings because they claim that they need to take a demo drive before to provide others with their automobile experiences and knowledge, the car brands count a lot specially if they heard someone had a bad experience with that vehicle and it's brand auto maker or they, themselves were the one who did owned one of those and won't ever drive another vehicle from that particular manufacture.
    I instead, prefer to give it a try first for a few months and then talk about that particular car model and the package installed on it by the brand maker. I think that a nice sunroof to intake air and sunshine into the car, makes the big difference, then the motor capabilities to run slow and faster in a matter of seconds, really is a plus to decide if you keep the car or not. I want to own a sport two doors and fast Chevy Corvette latest model to drive a high speed on the faster line on the road where it is allowed.
    The New Car Porsche Model Mellinghan
    Then, I also want to buy soon a Porsche Bellingham model 2020 to feel how is to star an engine with that amount of power. The sporty previous generation to admire on the American roads. Porsche has a lovely sharpened body lines, and those staggered wheel sizes of 20-inch front, 21-inch on the rear. Yeap, i like it a lot.



      • Gino

        Wow! That car must cost a fortune to own it. To me it will take a lifetime to collect the amount of money just to pay the cash price and if it is financed then I can't imagen how long I will have to pay monthly payments and additional the insurance plan coverage could very astronomic price per month. I guess it is better to drive a four doors old lady's car. You really dream very high because the Porsche cars are like cookies.

        • American Scott

          I want to own and drive with a nice blond on my car, a 4 seat Lamborghini Aventador, just like a prince! I want to own the red one, nice car with the front doors open looks like an angel on fire.

          • Louis Douglas

            The Chevy Corvette is a very neat vehicle, i also want to buy one of those vehicles some day. The 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray coupe in particular really fires my feelings, even if the price is going to be $58,900 starting price to $66,400 for convertible models. I don't even know how i will get that amount of money or maybe financing the vehicle with high payments, but for sure, i will buy one for my personal driving.

            • James Bruckner

              You guys really like top hot vehicles to drive. I love to have the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6), the new Jaguar car XF, and the jaguar XE model. They are very luxurious and powerful cars.

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