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What is The One Thing You Have Done While Being A Frugal Person That Has Ended Up Saving Most Money??

I thought about this question today and it goes for everybody.
What is the ONE thing you have done in the name of being frugal that has ended up saving you the most money??
The lots of money people can save by shopping at grocery store with coupons every month. Savings in Your Hands, Lots of Money
Smart shoppers always have money in hand left to cover any necessities may arise in the future, save buying only the necessary to consume or use at home and office..

Answers (8)

  • Everybody I know did the same of you, they never regret the decision to spend as much time with your parents as they can. You enjoy it because it is a privilege to be able of spending beautiful time with your old guys.

  • I couldn't save at all while I was paying high rental at my old apartment. The best for my wallet was for sure moving back home to be my parents caregiver. Splitting all the bills (paying my bill as an obligation), and they don't have to be worrying about the cost of paying for a stranger to provide care (I'm their kid and work for them). I pay them rent instead of paying someone else. I'm here to help them out. It's not where I want to be, but it's more practical. I do also work a full time job. I've got enough saved up that I will hopefully be able to build my own small home on the backside of their property. Will do it again next year 2023, 2024 etc - I hope that way I can have my own privacy and save good money to buy my own property house, but still be right here if they need me, always ready to assist them!!

  • My opinion is that I’ve realized how little I truly need and what I waste .These two things are lessons to be learned then you can really save money . So my one thing would be knowledge

  • I would like to share on my friend's experiences, because he asked me to do so, about how he got out of a horrible life style and today, this is his situation:
    Getting and staying sober from drinking unnecessary drinks out there at bars. It already happen 3 long years and 3 months today.
    100's Of Dollars Bills Savings Sense I Stopped Drinking
    I multiply it by a $100,00 dollars and I can see the summary savings calendar settings money time current savings $12,070.20 (or almost a hundred dollar bills that I can count it right now) many 100's 100's multiplied by 20 Days since start date 1005 days Money spent per day $6.04 Progress Today Community Motivation Support is always available online.

    • Renee Cooper

      While I was shopping with coupons I felt I was a good frugal person yesterday because I saved almost 60 dollars in groceries at the supermarket. Now on, I keel using coupons savings to buy most items my home needs.

    • I thought it was just me but, I see many of you are going thru a similar situation with the money.

      • Georgia Tech

        Nothing, just work and save a third of my monthly salary. I guess to have a job is a blessing and therefore a good thing to be proud for sharing in here.

        • Lisa Strobel

          My family drink a quarter of a cup of coffee in the morning and a quarter at night. By having that small drink everyday we got rid of sodas and beers. Now we are saving a 100 dollars a week and 400 dollars at month.

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