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    • Katie Hoyt

      How much cost a new bridge on my teeth?

      How Much, Cost, Flossing My Teeth, Bridge, Repair, Crying, Teeth, Scans, Income, Implant, Infected, Infections, Getting a Loan, Care, Sliding Scale, Blood, Daughter, Sessions, New, Boyfriend, Crown, X-rays, Cleaning, Single, Money, Baby Girl, Tooth, Minor Filling, Teeth Pulled, Generous, Public Health, Center, Dentist, Doctor, Full, Arch, Dentures
      How much cost a new bridge on my teeth? I was flossing my teeth when a crown popped off. Since Dentist A did the work that failed, I went to Dentist B. They told me it’d be $11,500.00 for a bridge and repair to other work Dentist A...
      • Cynthia E Parker

        What’s Your Yearly Salary and Monthly Rent?

        Yearly Salary, $27Kish, House, Apartment, A Job, Comfortably Living, Amount, Income
        I would like to know your different opinions about your yearly salaries, and hose of you comfortably living alone. Perhaps, What’s your yearly salary? And monthly rent, if you don't own a house or an apartment already paid off? Started a job...
        • Crysteal Jenkins

          Why would people prefer to continue to be in debt?

          Interest, In Debt, Restaurants, Payments, Letter, On Vacation, Auction, Aunt, My Cousin, Home, Your Thoughts, My Mom, Jobs, Disabled, Pennies, Savings Account, Income, Loan, Money in a CD
          I have a cousin that is one year younger than I. She came to me recently and asked me for a $7,000 loan because she hadn’t been making payments on her and my aunts (her moms) home and they received a letter stating that if they didn’t pay the...
          • Gino

            Who is the best company to file taxes with?

            Tax, Software, Income, Tax Return, Salaried, Professional Tax, Taxes, Prepare, Employees, Best Company
            I would like to know if you have a company to file your income tax, a company you really trust for instance. The question is: Who is the best company to file taxes with. If you have hired a corporation, a local agency near you or a middle man, to...
            • John Hopkins

              A Brief Question About If Countries Governments Should Consider Redesign or Redefine Tourism...

              Countries, Tourism, Opportunities, Assets, Governments, Tourists, Individual, Profit, Pundits are, Debating, Overtourism, Tourismphobia, Income, Jobs, Industry, Americans, Legislation, Communities, Degrow, Hotspot
              Do you have an opinion about if It is the United States like many other countries rethinking tourism or I say, considering to review it and act? Tourism today has a problem and needs an entire rethink. Pundits are debating overtourism and...

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