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U.S. American Citizen Moving To Costa Rica Blog

    Lynn Ware
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    American U.S. Citizen Moving To Costa Rica Blog : What to know before moving to Costa Rica With No Money.  After surveying ten towns in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, we had narrowed it down to San Jose, San Ramon, Grecia and Atenas, Then Grecia and Atenas were left on the table and Grecia won the survey. Grecia is larger then Atenas and the roads in and out of it are much much safer then Atenas. Some of the roads inside and outside of Atenas are a literally death traps because they are damaged from several earthquakes over the years and never have been repaired. Grecia has multiple stores, shops, shopping malls, schools, restaurants and so much more. Grecia Central and it's surrounding areas are easily ten times or more bigger then Atenas. Finally, Atenas is hotter from what we have heard by many of our friends who live or visit there often. It gets a lot hotter in the summer time from late November to some time in May. Quite unbearable when you are indoors from what we have heard from several people that moved from Atenas to Grecia because of the heat and climate difference. Oh, and DO NOT relocate to Costa Rica without money or a credit card. Bring a minimum of $1,000 to $5,000 for sure, just to start out. You will need an income , so work online or begin a business. Most jobs in Costa Rica are for the Costa Rican Citizens only, unless you get your Permanent Residency. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of moving to Costa Rica. Pura Vida 

      • News Update

        Latin News: Right now Costa Rica is having a lot of troubles with the working groups who are complaining by blocking roads and demanding their government to stop asking for more taxes to the poor and hard working citizens. However, as far of the airports being closed to the tourism travelling in the country, there are good news today, The United States citizens can start visiting it from the month November, but, they must present a none positive Covid 19 test with 72 hours prior to arrival the international airport. I guess the country Cosat Rica is having a lot of economical troubles and they need Americans to visit it and spend some Dollars to help activate their economy, it is Urgent.

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