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Jayne Line


I don't know why people ask about how much cost the large suitcases to travel and why they just don't call their airlines and ask them those travel trip questions.
I'm a quiet person who loves staying at home watching TV and the next day go work and then shopping etc.


American Football with big guys pushing and fighting.

Insurance CompanyState Farm For Cars and Trucks
Country / CityMiami Fl/ United States
Date Today
Preferred Color #8B3C96
ProfessionHuman Resources Specialist
Home, Watching, TV, Travel, Trip, Suitcases,
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    • Jayne Line
      I hadn't played video games in a year, I stopped because it was taking up my time and I felt I could have been using it better. Well, I played yesterday and I had such a huge sense of peace! Ain't nothing like a good case of distracting myself from reality. 😜
      • Jayne Line
        Some people are in such utter darkness that they will burn you just to see light. Jealousy has a lot of different faces and for all different reasons. I’m really trying to work on not responding to things negatively, so I’m choosing to pray for you and all the demons you’re facing. Choose joy, my friend.
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