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Cindy Reynolds


I'm the kind f person who loves to talk in public about things I love and expect others to congratulate me, rather than getting criticized by some soulless people out there.
If my profile doesn't fit on your mind, just move over to another member, for sure they will appreciate your criticism.
For me finding things that are regularly hidden by others and uncovering the truth is king.


Volleyball, Golf, Swimming at the pool, soft ball and more sports.


Top movies 2021 streaming to watch at home:
Strip Down, Rise Up, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Red Dot, Master, The Dig, Finding 'Ohana, Outside the Wire, June & Kopi, Tribhanga - Tedhi Medhi Crazy, Stuck Apart, The Minimalists: Less Is Now, Layla Majnun, Maara, The Misadventures of Heidi and Cokeman, The Right One

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Cycling, Hiking, Dance, Cooking, Collecting Stamps, painting pictures of beautiful stuff.

ProfessionPublic Accountant.
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