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We The People Are Being Questionable

I am beginning to suspect that the people, regardless of their nationality, who are so affected by the defeat of Trump is because in reality they lost the figure that legitimized their prejudices, their hateful speech and in some cases their need to believe themselves superior to others and their lack of empathy with other disadvantaged human beings. In fact, they finally saw someone in Donald Trump who told them that such meanness was "normal." Well, not anymore. It's over. In reality it must be quite uncomfortable to lose the figure that legitimized and justified being and knowing oneself a bad human being, and even worse it must be to finally face that shadow within themselves. It is questionable to think that any moral person on this earth would consider Trump as being a kind, respectful, and decent man.  Half of America refuses to face the truth, because facing it means to face that ugly part of themselves! Yes, they were in deep denial that Trump could possibly lose the election, and even more so about the true nature of their own personal traits. I believe it's all a conspiracy by the liberal elites and the mainstream media against the so-called conservative Americans. Denial of their dark side is absolute. It is the only way they can stand themselves. And while they are still there, our voters are energized as well. And organized. The truth will continue to march, and seek the light. The truth always bubbles up in the end. 

    • Nera Benandanti

      It's always been the contempt of "those people" that have united them. They are still united and they will continue to push their agenda of bigotry now that they have tasted what they perceive to be victory. If democratic voters revert to their "whew, that was close" stance, we will see this happen again in 2 years. Expect it to be worse if it happens again. The Trumpers cult is not going away. New fresh politicians will appeal to them. Half of the voters want this, just look at Lindsey Graham lol. So yep, they'll probably be back with a vengeance; a huge turnout and most of them on Parler social media app now.

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