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A Ghost Lives With Me

I have a ghost living with me.. when I first was aware is I could smell perfume when I went into my bathroom. How I first realized she was real. I bought a pair of gloves. Put them on my desk to get the next morning. The next morning they weren't there. I looked everywhere. Two weeks later when I came home there they were right where I left them.
I said ok I know you are here.. her bedroom is now my bathroom. She was a maid. I love her. I have two remotes. Every now and then she will take one. It will reappear later laying next to my other one. If I desperately need something. She will find it and put it where I can find it. So yeah, a ghost lives with me and I love that fact!

    • Kathy Miller Smith

      Yep! I have a ghost like that. Takes something when I know where I put it. One morning. I always put my shoes in the same place. That morning. They weren't there. So I looked in the living room. Nope. I'm like Clyde I don't have time for this crap. Where are my shoes. Walked back . And there they were exactly where they should be. I just tell them now to please bring it back and suddenly it will be put back. Lately it is always my car keys. I think it likes the tile that is connected to it? Makes my phone go off and when keys are not around it plays with it on my phone. Not scary to me.

      • Lauren Troisi

        Just a reminder that some spirits are helpful and loving. So glad you live harmoniously with her. I have a little girl named Stacy that has been with me since I was 12. She was my best friend along time ago, but was killed suddenly in a car accident. She let's me know she is still around all the time, and I don't mind one little bit. She can startle me at times, but does not scare me.

        • Kathy Cowser

          I think that's a cool thing. I wish to have one of those ghosts as my personal friend at home.

          • Tara Dahoe

            Great, can you take photos and post them in this website, We would like to know if it is a girl or a boy, if it is a good ghost or a bad one. I'm sure we can comment about your Ghost existence inside your home.

            • Neilyn Carruyo Soto

              I also want you to get your photos up here in this post or another one, I agree with Tara about that.

              • Josue Solis

                Do you really believe that story, how did decide to post this story online, did you see it (her) or you just have a feeling?

                • Novoa Richard

                  Most homes have ghosts, some are very quiet and they spend their time hidden and some ghost just like to make connection people on this world.

                  • Marry A Hernandez

                    Great, that means you aren't alone at home, always a nice guest there for you.

                    • Stacey A Banton

                      I think the ghost was there before you, which means you live with the ghost.

                      • Jena S. Hall

                        It is all a state of mind, if you want ghost to live in, then it will happen, but if you pray and deny to believe about that existence, all spirits will go away and stop torturing you.

                        • Paulina Ela Robert

                          I like that story, and I would like to have a ghost following me around for a change.

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