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Poop Hits The Fan

Poop Hits The Fan

Hi everyone! I just registered for my graduation ceremony in the summer and I am very excited!!! I just need to pass my 5 classes this spring semester then I only have 3 classes to go in the summer!! I have worked very very hard to get to this point. According to 16 Personalities I am an advocate who wants to make a difference. I want to accomplish that thru what Forbes calls entrepreneurial capitalism. I am going through a Entrepreneurship training program that is teaching me to be a successful entrepreneur. I am a firm believer in self-reliance which is about taking care of yourself. I believe people need to learn how to take care of themselves. I believe that I will reach my goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I want to build wealth to use for the benefit of humanity. I believe that wealthy people get a bad name because instead of helping and giving money because they want to they give money because they have to. The industry of philanthropy is just giving money because you want to. I admire Jeff Bezos company Amazon. I sometimes get so used to Amazon that I I even want to buy stocks when I can just go to JCPenney. I have heard that he bought a yacht where it is so big that they are removing a historical bridge to make way for it. Let’s be honest they would probably make a canal if they needed to because money equals power. I do think that he needs to take in consideration that it is affecting peoples lives in a way. I am a Christian and there is a verse Proverbs 22:7 that says The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender. I think that something drastic economically is going to happen to the United States a huge paradigm shift is going to happen I am trying to prepare myself that is why I am working so hard to learn how to run a successful business before the poops hits the fan. I believe wealthy people need to use their wealth to leave the world a better place than they left it that is what I want to do. It strange I am 30 years old and when I first thought about being rich I wanted to first be rich so I can buy the best in life like the most expensive designer clothing & shoes and a cool Lamborghini but now I want to be rich to make an impact. If I make or don’t make it I will be fine but at least I will accomplish my dream if becoming a successful entrepreneur. I hope you get a giggle from my poop hitting the fan picture lol. Thank you for listening and have a great weekend!

    • John Deere

      I love your " poop hitting the fan picture " ...or is that a Hershey Kiss? hehe I am just kidding Justice, and you are awesome as always! 

      • Meshia Martin

        If I didn't have the time to read perhaps I won't miss your post just because it calls the name of MR Jeff Bezos (a very poor guy). Who will spend their money in depreciating things like expensive designer clothing & shoes and a cool Lamborghini and he bought a yacht where it is so big that they are removing a historical bridge to make way for it. What the hell is that? That's crazy.

        • Heather Pearlswig

          You think something drastic economically is going to happen in the United States? I think this country will get more rich and powerful than ever!

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