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Drama Between Mother and Daughter Amy and Nina in Chicago Illinois

I would like to share this small story with my followers. These two people are relatives and it happened that I was passing by their place when I noticed they were having an unusual argument. As we all know, people should have their personal family arguments in private at their home and never on the street, so, I started recording it because I thought it was interesting, by the way, the names aren't real, just for the record.
 Drama Between Mother and Daughter, Amy and Nina in Chicago Illinois.

Drama Between Mother and Daughter, Amy and Nina Scene 23 Where Are They Now ?

Amy: I am seriously fed up because I can't find one person I can trust to watch Calvin for me during the days while I'm at work 8-4 p.m. I cant afford to pay anybody immediately, but would begin paying in 2 weeks in July. I only took the day shift position because I thought I had this all taken care of, but as always my mother has decided that she can't watch him anymore because of her new boyfriend. 
Two Women having An Argument
I don't see how that effects her, but apparently it does. So, now I have nobody to watch Cal on Wednesdays through Sundays, with every other weekend off.  If you can do it, then please private message me on here at my profile in this site, thanks!

Nina: Wow you sure are something else Amy Lynn! Just keep running that mouth of yours and I can stir up the drama kettle to clear up needed stuff. I never said I wouldn't watch him no more, just on certain days and until I got moved but whatever keep smacking, I feel fed up because I am too especially all you done to me shall we discuss further?

Amy: Exactly what I was about to say I'm not doing his over any social media if you have something to say you know my number it's Nobody else's bees wax. All I'm concerned about is who can watch my kid so that I don't loose my job and my only concern is that of my babies and I are taking care of.

Nina: Well, you made it everyone's business by making the post you did so how about you stop this game or I'm gonna end it real quick!

Amy: I didn't put anything on here that had anything to do with us like i said I'm only concerned about my babies and I being taken care of if you have a problem you can text me or delete me.

Nina: Blasting me out stupidly and then your Stepdad when he has been good to you and your children so you did make it more than needed to be but like I said I can make this a lot more interesting if you wanna keep it going!

Amy: I don't recall saying anything about him, this has nothing to do with him at all, sorry you took it that way. Lbs all I said was exactly what you stated that you couldn't watch my son because of your man's work schedule yet again everything I just said was about you as always!

Nina: Stated the weekends I do recall knowing 14 hour shifts each day not to mention how you spoke of him through messages but you keep telling it like You want and the fact of where I live now wanting Calvin to have a better place to be at so he's more content. And what I can say if this !@$% don't stop will be all about you.

Amy: The fact is is that you are not sticking to your word of saying that you would help watch Calvin while I worked and lied that's point blank period. All I said about Chris in text message was simply that I'm tired of you choosing men over anyone and everyone. Pretty sure I even said the same about Donald and any man you have ever been with rather it be Donald, Kris, Clint, Bryon, Neil, Kale, or that Chicago dude. All of the men you get with go before any and everybody besides my dad that's just the truth not me talking about Chris.

Nina: Now it did just got real you go get an older of protection on your grandma when she's the one whose been buying your baby diapers telling me to consider you all three dead now to me and your grandma you need your boot whooped

Amy: Then quit texting me stuff and you both can consider all three of us dead and yes, an order of protection will be filed if you do what you just texted me your the one starting all of this you have been told to not keep it going online and you are and if you and g-ma are going to do what you texted me then us I mean that you two can consider all three of us dead and a order of protection will be filed asap!!! If grandma is okay with doing what you texted me that's okay for you two to do that to your own daughter and granddaughter though right, she only bought him diapers ONE time and like I said if she's going to do what you just said in text then yes you had best bet I'm getting a Order of protection on both of you!!

Nina: I never said she was doing anything I was if this didn't stop so how bout you reread it. So go ahead because now I am dead to you, and it was ok for you to do what the heck you did? Conversation over think carefully it should have never have came to this, Amy. Text me later when u cool down.

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    • Gino

      Between a conversation of the ladies who happens to be close relatives as in this case, there is no place for a third opinion, other that remain quiet and listening how the argue develops as it happens. People just need to keep it as a secret and learn how to argue effectively in a relationship.

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