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Daughter Of The Mind The Vintage Movie Channel United States

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    American Made, Beautiful, Hollywood Actress, Don Murray, Ray Milland, Gene Tierney, Horror, Suffering, White Movie, Daughter Of The Mind, Channel United States

    Daughter Of The Mind The Vintage Movie Channel United States.
    A professor man spends long times inside the cemetery missing his dead daughter.
    the he sees her on the road and everywhere he goes. i guess this man can't accept his lost and keeps thinking on the possibility that he can reunite with her soon again.

    A Girl Appears On The Road While Driving A Car
    It is a full movie and it was made in 1960. The film has feeling and some part suffering too.
    You can watch it all for free (black and white movie). 
    An American made for television horror thriller film starring Don Murray, Ray Milland and Gene Tierney (she was a beautiful Hollywood actress).

      • Gino

        It is on a weird color that TV had at those years. I can watch this kind of scary horror movies all day long, it is not really.

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