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Samantha Fish


Owner at Woody Hill Bed and Breakfast at Hollywood Florida.
Travel and food service have always been my strong business side.
I'm a manager and owner of this gorgeous place for travellers.
Kids and pets are always accepted for small fee.
South Fl travel, hospitality at our place, it is a place very secure to stay and enjoy shopping and visiting the white sand beaches in our neighbourhood.


Softball, Tennis Professional, Balling sport, Basketball, OLympics etc.

Insurance CompanyFlorida State farm Insurance.
Country / CityHollywood, Florida, United States
Date Today
Preferred Color #852EDC
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Playing music and singing songs, kitchen designing, computer programming, painting pictures art, travel

Travel, Hospitality, Hollywood, Florida, South Florida, Computer Programming, Bed, Breakfast, White Sand Beaches, Woody Hill
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    • Samantha Fish
      Dad had surgery to put the feeding tube in place. He seemed okay after that. The physical therapists have been working with him quite a bit. By the time I get to see him, he's so tired. They say that he's doing okay. They're talking about sending him to Orion Health West for intensive physical therapy soon. I'm sorry I haven't updated more. I have to waive at myself coming and going.
      • Samantha Fish
        Today has been a wonderful and productive day for me, I wrote up my two-week notice for the restaurant I waitress at. After 8 long years of working there (and 15 years working in restaurants altogether) it's finally real with no backing out now! I don't know why but just writing that letter felt like a huge life event. Tomorrow I'm going give the letter to the boss. Yayyy! It's exciting AF, no more being overworked and under appreciated whoopwhoop! I have been there, done that, and moving on. I'm so excited that I will have more freedom. My job isn't going to force me to be somebody I'm not anymore!
        • Samantha Fish
          This isn’t complaining. But in the last couple weeks between hurting my back , getting the cooties (covid), and now my car broke down again, I’ve been coasting. You would think I’d be stressed ,frustrated etc but I’m really just flowing. My bf said to me yesterday how refreshing it is to see me respond in the way I have been. But the way I see it, what is stressing and getting upset gonna do? In all actuality I really don’t have anything to stress about. Just heal, get better, and fix the car. I have everything I need to do all of the above. A minor inconvenience yes, end of the world? No. Tbh I’m taking it as “sit your butt down and be still”.
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