Investing in Stocks at the Stock-Market

Investing in Stocks at the Stock-Market

When people ask How Long The S&P 500 Stays Up After it Rises??
For example wrapping up this year 2023 year in a positive way, and the top stocks jump as the index closes the day and year.
Here er some numbers that prove the stock market companies are doing better already:

S&P500 Stocks Are Up Today For Investors
The broad market index traded 0.2% higher, putting it within striking distance of its highest closing level ever, which was set in January 2022 at 4,796.56. The track for double-digit on this month gains, the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 72 points, or 0.3%. The Nasdaq Composite  rose 0.2%.
Some stock companies are:
Drugstore Walgreens  (stock is up 33.1%).
Machinery and vehicles Caterpillar  (the stock is up 18.6%).
Goldman Sachs (up 13.4%).
Microchips Intel  (the stocks are up 12.8).
Boeing  (up 11.8%).
Hardware store Home Depot  ( their stock is up 10.8).
3M  (up 10.1%).

a brief descriptionHow long the stocks will stay up making myself sure to invest, which are the best stocks for investment?
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