Fifteen Unsettling Things Discovered in Africa's Continent

Fifteen Unsettling Things Discovered in Africa's Continent
The oldest human fossil ever found in Ethiopia, an African country.
The Oldest Human Fossil Ever found On Planet Earth
That photo belongs to a record of a museum of science in Africa. It is part of the human person's teeth jaw so old that it became a fossil.
Anyways, this great video is for the rest of us to learn about the old continent's wonders, just a few of them.
Please, watch the video and think how important is to protect those wonders on earth.
The African continent is arguably one of the richest on the planet too.
It has abundant in natural resources such as gold, oil, diamonds, wild life for us to enjoy watching on videos and TV, and books to read.
The video content is all about the undiscovered secrets and many mysteries to unveil.

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