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Emily Garcia


I spend most of my free time planting new flower plants at my garden, it really does great to my stress caused by my job. I really barely get online and read about my friends, just enough to fill up my public profile.
My cats, my boyfriend and the erst of my family stand all together in this large family.


U.S. Soccer leagues, Swimming,

Insurance CompanyGaico car insurance, truck
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ProfessionAccountant work for my office
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    • Emily Garcia

      Ain't no way I just saw my mechanic and all his many children piled up in there going to McDonald's in my car...without the seat belt on...More

      • Emily Garcia

        Since I never have time for couponing anymore, and that was my stress relief...then I want a new tattoo! I am having ink withdrawals!

        • Emily Garcia

          The government and NASA have known about the parallel universe since the 1940s lol, what’s happening is they realizing they can’t keep this...More

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