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Marvin E. Gaye


I always wonder how my future is going to be if i was blind, then I stop and forget my stupid thoughts, especially when I get hungry and what something delicious to eat for dinner.
I'm so friendly that even the women think that i'm flirting with them, great, i'm always in trouble lol! 
I am a single father of a daughter who keeps me grounded, so all is good. :)


Exercise at the gym, one day at every week and then two days to swim and run with my new running shoes.


Action movies only: The Marksman, No Time to Die, Boss Level, No Body (Nobody), The Kings Man, Fast & Furious 9,  Cosmic Sin, Trigger Point, Krack, The Tomorrow War and some other movies to watch later.

Date Today
Preferred Color #8A0F6E
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One of mu hobbies is to visit Ghost towns in Alabama, they are really scary.
Reading love novel books, and all Stephen King novels too ( Carrie book from year 1974, Salem's Lot 1975, The Shining, Rage, The Stand, The Long Walk, The Dead Zone, Firestarter (1980), Roadwork from year , Cujo from year , The Running Man , The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger from year 1982).

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